The Concept of Contemporary Worship in NYC Churches, Manhattan

Posted by Tessie Joseph on August 15th, 2016

Faith is a highly strengthening element that keeps human beings from falling apart in times of grief, to be grateful for the blessings in life and to refrain from committing sins. Faith is also a binding force that helps connect those who share it across boundaries and time zones. And every time that faith seems to dwindle, there are people who thrive to revive it, the believers who work hard to value the word of God and to spread it with as much sincerity as possible. In the present day disturbances and chaotic lifestyle, this emphasis on faith and gratitude has become all the more important.

Contemporary worship services have been interpreted in many different ways. Some NYC churches, Manhattan believe that contemporary worship is all about singing contemporary songs and hymns while others make use of modern technology to follow traditions of the scriptures or to spread the message of those scriptures. And then there also are churches who believe that contemporary worship is avoiding the use of old terminologies and turning to more understandable words and phrases that can restore the faith in the most logical, practical and effective manner. Among all these interpretations, one thing remains constant and that is the core essence of worship. It is all about acknowledging the presence of a higher order, to be modest and sensitive to the suffering of others. And in the process, working hard to help alleviates that suffering.

The core values of contemporary worship include a transparent belief in God and the eagerness to help God’s creation. In other words, the sincerity towards faith must be reflected in the actions and attitude shown towards fellow human beings. It is not just about reading the bible, being a part of ceremonies and singing praise songs. It is more about being empathetic and helpful. While it is important to spread the message of the gospels and make the truth known to most, it is equally important to maintain that faith by being supportive to those in need and being a ray of hope to those in despair.

Contemporary worship values the communion with God as the utmost priority of faith. And that priority is followed by love and respect for daily lives, spouses, kids and other people. The idea is to nurture spiritual growth by trying to make the physical world a better place, spreading cheer and peace as far as possible.

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