How To Know If A Credit Card Offer Is For You

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

With or without an existing credit history, good or bad, you?re sure to be approached by someone with a credit card offer. And although all credit card offers seem wonderfully tempting, it?s usually the case that you?re only suitable to a particular type. To know which credit card offer is really meant for you, here?s what you should know.

Tips on How to Know If a Credit Card is for You

KNOW THYSELF ? More importantly, know why you?d want and need a credit card in the first place. Consider the side of necessity first: how can a credit card help make your life better? Is there a way for a credit card to help you become more financially solvent? Next, think about the pleasant side of the fence ? what perks would you wish to enjoy from using a credit card?

Lastly, take a good look of yourself and make a self-evaluation by asking these questions: Am I ready for the responsibility of having a credit card? Do I really know what I?m getting myself into? Can I promise to myself to pay my credit card bills promptly?

KNOW HOW OTHERS THINK OF YOU ? The ?others? in this part refers to the banks and creditors that you have transacted with in the past. If you have any bills or loans to pay, those can already serve as your credit background and may be one of the reasons that you?re given credit card offers that you don?t really find desirable.

If, however, you don?t have any existing credit records, this isn?t exactly a good thing either unless you?re a fresh graduate. That?s understandable, of course, because you?ve just entered the real world. If, however, you?re already an adult, you should at least have a reliable and steady source of income. Without it, the types of credit card offers you can expect to receive are sure to be limited.

KNOW ITS RANGE ? Some credit cards can only be used in specified stores or limited to a certain region in the United States. If, however, you receive credit card offers for Visa or Mastercard, these will allow you to use your credit card even if you?re abroad.

Cards with well-known names like Visa or Mastercard are definitely suitable for people who travel often or intend to use their cards in a variety of establishments. These cards, however, imposes stricter application requirements that what you?d expect from credit cards with a smaller scope.

KNOW ITS AFFILIATES ? Some credit cards offer special interest rates and other kinds of perks and privileges if you?re affiliated with a particular association or company so do make sure that you ask the person who made the credit card offer about this. You might even be able to choose a specialized design for your credit card if you happen to satisfy any of their stipulations regarding this matter.

Now that you know what type of credit card offer is right for you, there are only two other things left to do:

Firstly, take the necessary action to verify whether the credit card representative that approached you is really an employee or agent of the issuing company and that he?s really providing you a legitimate credit card offer.

Secondly, be prepared to spend a bit of time and effort to satisfy the application requirements for the credit card offer you?ve chosen to take up. You?ll have to furnish the credit card company with documentary evidence of your income and credit history. But after that, the credit card?s all yours to swipe!

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