Vampires and Humans in Comparison

Posted by georginabelikov on August 19th, 2010

Ever since the come out of Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, a lot of girls have been wishing and dreaming that they could meet someone like him. Some would even say, "Oh, I prefer Edward over a real guy." But, would you really? I think not.

Vampires will always be a part of our imagination, no matter what we do about it. While you may have heard a lot of legends about these out of the ordinary creatures, there is still no solid proof that they exist. But why do a lot of writers still continue to write about them? Simply because through these vampires, they can attribute to them the characteristics that you cannot find in a human being. Vampires would often be described as pale white, with very fast movement, with unending lives, and of course, they feed on blood. On the other hand, human beings have different skin colors, they can move fast but not in the way vampires do, and they have a lifespan that can only reach up to a hundred or more providing that a person is very healthy.

One great thing  about vampires when you read about them is that once they love somebody, that will remain true forever. Unlike humans, they don't have divorce, separation nor annullment. Once they meet their one true love, this would be forever, until their lives are over. Even when their loved one is already dead, they will still love him/her, and would not dare to look for another one. As compared to humans, they have the tendency to fall in love with another person. There's also this thing called falling out of love that a lot of people are afraid that it may happen to them. There may come a time that you will not feel the excitement and happiness of being with your partner, as if the love has started to drift away from you. This is commonly called falling out of love.

Nowadays, there are a lot of books and movies that are about vampires. There are even TV shows that are coming out featuring the existence of these creatures. There is of course the Twilight Saga, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Morganville Series, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles of course, and a lot more of them. On TV, a lot of people have just gotten over the Eclipse craze and can hardly await for the showing of Breaking Dawn. There are those who are still hooked up with Vampire Diaries, wondering what would happen in the next episode. Fans of other books which were not made into movies or TV shows are doing campaigns on the internet asking for their favorite book to be made into a movie.  

Although vampires seem to be like a part of the normal life already, they are still non existent. The authors of the books can make you really imagine them with all the vivid descriptions of each character. However, keep in mind that here in the real world, you will not find one of them. Do not fall in love with the vampires too much that you are already looking for their characteristics in a person. Though humans cannot be that strong and quick as vampires, they are still the ones that are with you, and they would try everything to make you happy. After all, that's what everyone is looking for, right?

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