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Posted by Jvc hk on August 16th, 2016

Starting a company is always a tiresome endeavor but when you are starting a company in Hong Kong you will find that starting a commercial entity is way too effortless and simple. Under any circumstance, you will find JV consultants limited is ready to cooperate with you so that you can synchronize everything effortlessly. You can avoid starting up a new company and purchase a ready-made company of your own. Now ready made company is something where you don’t have to bear any registration issues, such as whether you are to register your trademark or business name or the address. But when you are thinking to have a new company the first thing you need to make sure trademark registration along with hiring one company secretary. Now the process of trademark registration is not that easier, now in Hong Kong one needs to register under the trademarks ordinance also registration of trademark needs to sync well with the trade marks rules.

Wondering why to Registration a Trademarks, well reasons are simple to understand. When you are registering a trademark you will be enjoying exclusive unique right to make use of the trademark in relation to the services and goods against which the mark is registered. When other people during the trading or Hong Kong business using the matching mark to the same or identically same goods and services without the consent, they could be subjected to legal violation or you could take legal action against them. However there is a case of unregistered trademarks which will be guarded by the common law action of passing off. But when you are putting allegation against someone you need to make sure that the other’s person’s use of the mark will seriously be causing you damage. However passing off is more difficult an action compare to an encroachment of a registered trademark. However JV consultants limited will be providing you much support in form filling and registering office name and address.

Apart from registration, JV consultant’s limited renders much help in Hong Kong company account and audit. Undoubtedly, Hong Kong company tax filing is one of the daunting far reaching tasks for HK companies. It is certainly one important annual task for all business entities to undertake. However what makes it so imperative as there are few factors that every entrepreneur should know right before undertaking any venture. When you are taking interest in operating business in Hong Kong along with Hong Kong company account and audit you need to know there are three fundamental steps to consider. First and foremost registration of trademark where you will come across for the first time all the legalities, as you are needed to submit all the relevant documents to the government. Next comes tax, accounting and the procedure how to submit them quarterly and half yearly. When you are seeking certified public accountant you will find JV consultants limited worth depending upon. This consulting company will be offering you everything accurate and proper.

You may not realize that establishing a company is always a one-off task and the moment you have actually entered the venture, you are sure to face complications and JV consultants limited is here to simplify everything.

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