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Posted by Simply Home Food on August 16th, 2016

The phrase “healthy foods” wasn’t something that existed 100 years ago. Back then, there was just… food. The perception of food was quite different too.

Food long ago was for sustenance. You ate to survive. You didn’t eat for entertainment, like many do today, with all the junk lying around.

Now many people still do eat for sustenance today. Most of the world is poor you know. But unfortunately, since most food is made and consumed by “wealthier people,” the wealthy get to set the standards.

And their standards are junk. It’s all about mass production, “Make good to reach more customers. Make food because are bored and they need something to do.”


It’s hard finding food that is made with integrity these days…


Eating for sustenance, eating junk.

Yes, it’s all junk. Before, you ate to survive, and it was healthy and natural. Today you still eat to survive, but the food is slowly killing you.

Walk into the average supermarket today, and what’s the first thing that you’re going to see? Junk lined up in aisles. Walk out of a supermarket, and you’ll see fast-food chains, ice cream chains…

It gets tiring after a while. It’s difficult trying to start a healthy lifestyle with all the temptation lying around. The stimulus forces you to fail your diets. It forces you to stop exercising. And it’s worse when you’re surrounded by people with similar temptations.

I’ve had those problems my entire life.

But it’s hard finding someone who sells healthy food.

And I understand that too. For me, the closest organic food supermarket is an hour away by transport. I do not have the luxury to go there on an ongoing basis. If I’m heading there, I need to stock up a week’s supply.

But hey, you can always get home food delivery. Everyone delivers food today, fast-food or canned. Even people who sell organic food will send over for delivery. Just make sure you don’t forget their number.

You are going to be paying extra though for the delivery. I don’t mind that, and neither should you. The price for a healthier lifestyle is definitely worth it.

Better self-control with healthy food home delivery.

Yes, the self-control is much better.

Usually when you’re walking down a supermarket aisle, you get tempted to grab items and stuff them in your cart. Colorful items, good smelling items. Whatever they may be.

Supermarket visits were always a nightmare.

Self-control is better too, since you’re avoiding fast-food. No fast-food means you need to learn how to make your own food. You’ve got to learn how to cook. Effort goes into making one meal.

And the discipline is great. Now instead of getting up and grabbing something from the fridge, you’re going to find yourself spending an hour or two in the kitchen. It’s time well spent.

Just remember. This isn’t like the one-time diets you tried for a week before quitting. This is a lifestyle. You’re going to be doing this for the long-term.

So have the long-term in mind before starting out.

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