Is a Work-Life Balance Coach a good option for working women?

Posted by Elizabeth Murphy on August 16th, 2016

Today’s fast paced and competitive world seems to demand an ‘ideal’ worker who is ready to compromise everything in life and prioritise work above everything else. The advent of modern technologies such as online collaboration and anytime-available apps make it all the more difficult for anyone to try and maintain a healthy work life balance. There are many working women who face work life balance issues especially after a certain age, but are determined to succeed and achieve their professional goals while taking care of their families.

In this process of trying to succeed at work while taking care of family, many women get disillusioned with their careers. This leads to lack of confidence, exhaustion and a feeling of being overwhelmed with life’s challenges and pressures.

Long working hours and increased competition at the workplace starts taking a toll on the woman’s health and affects her to a great extent. She is not left with enough time for her family and finds it difficult to take time out for recreational activities and relaxation. Most of them getcaught up with work that they are unable to divide their time between everything they consider important in their life besides work.

This is when hiring a work-life balance coach becomes a top priority for working women to come out of this vicious circle and attain complete work life balance.

A work-life balance coach is a great option for working women in many ways.

A work-life balance coach helps in making a woman look at her problems from a different perspective. They help a woman identify the obstacles that are currently standing in the way. They also help change counterproductive attitude towards both work and life.

They help women manage stress more effectively and address inefficiencies both at work and at home. In this manner, a life coach helps a woman set realistic goals on what she wants to achieve. They also help a woman prioritise and manage time more effectively which enables her to take out quality time for herself.

A work-life balance coach also helps a working woman contemplate and consider a complete career change which would eventually suit her family life. They help women to be fully engaged, motivated and fulfilled in their working life and help them take practical steps to improve their confidence level and self-belief. This is followed by developing and creating an action plan towards maintaining their work-life balance in the future.

These coaches provide one to one inspiring sessions which give women ample space and time towards creating a successful and enriching work life. It helps them find a work life balance that allows them to live up to their potential and feel empowered, positive and happy.

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About Change Coaching is an endeavorstarted by life coach, Elizabeth Murphy. Elizabeth leverages her own experience of working corporate world and has an intimate understanding of the challenges this presents. Elizabeth supports career women aged 35-49 years of age in prioritising their everyday life. Elizabeth provides one-on-one coaching for individuals to help them realise their personal and career goals.

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