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Posted by lowes Emily on January 10th, 2024

As reported through PC Gamer, some former Blizzard and Blizzard North employees participated in an open forum at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. In the panel, the group of former Blizz developers discussed the history of Diablo 4 Gold and their own ties to the games. They also shared tales of the creation of the popular franchise. On the panel, the one of the lead designers on Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, talked about the controversial auction house, explaining its origins and more.

"When I was working at Blizzard," said Wilson, "the reason for doing the real-money auction house was to ensure security. It wasn't for money. We didn't think we'd make the amount of money we did. The most difficult thing with Diablo 2 was item duping and duping hacks as well as all that gold selling, as well as all the other things."

As Wilson explained, Blizzard's solution to overcome this issue with Diablo 3 was to take charge of the trading market. This is also one of the reasons behind the game's requirement of an online internet connection. Wilson states that when you provide an offline client hackers "got you." Therefore, always online and auction houses were Blizzard's failed attempts to manage the issues from Diablo 2.

In the short time following its release in 2012 the auction house in cheap Diablo IV Gold was deemed to be one of the games biggest flaws, being endlessly mocked and criticized by the gaming community. Yet removing it wasn't easy and it wasn't because of technical issues. Instead, its delayed removal in 2014 was due it was an enticement feature of the game. It was printed on all of its retail boxes as well as there were legal concerns regarding cutting it.

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