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Business Valuation in a Partnership Dispute

Posted by zeliniadsouz on August 17th, 2016

Knowing the value of your business is extremely important, and for some very good reasons. To begin with, as a responsible business owner, it is imperative that you know the true value of your business. Secondly, business valuation comes in handy in various situations, including transactions like: selling your business, estate planning or buying out your partner. It is important to find an independent business valuation firm who is who has significant experience across industries and is certified to do business appraisals.  

One such situation that may need a business valuation is when there is a partnership buy-out. There are various reasons why the need for a partnership buy-outs arises, with the most common being disputes, retirement and death. When the relationship among partners starts to go south, or when one of the partners dies or retires, a change in ownership structure is a common path that many business owners pursue.  It is imperative at this time to have an accurate assessment of the value of the company so there can be a fair and equitable buyout.  

That is why when it comes to business valuation in a partnership dispute in the US, a certified valuation analyst who will act as an independent appraiser is the one to contact. They will provide you with a detailed Business Valuation report of the business, and which will allow you to proceed with your buyout in an informed manner. To begin with, the valuation specialist will discuss the details of the transaction with the partners. Next they will seek to gather all the relevant data associated with fairly valuing the business, and then will move on to researching and analyzing the company’s financial statements and tax returns. After this, they look to finally prepare the business appraisal. The valuation report is a comprehensive presentation that includes a detailed description of your company, the market positioning and a review and assessment of the economic condition. Finally, they send you a valuation report which can be used to help you come to a fair resolution of the partnership dispute.   

When it comes to business valuation in Chicago, experience counts a lot. So look for experienced Business Valuation firm in New York who have a great deal of experience in performing business valuation of partnership buy-outs in the US and other places. This will ensure that you receive/pay the fair amount.

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