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Posted by harryjoy on August 17th, 2016

Freemasonry is no doubt one of the oldest fraternal organizations of the world. It finds its root in late fourteenth century and considered to be originated by fraternities of stonemasons. There are three levels of freemasonry namely Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Masons. These titles are bestowed by Blue Lodge. The basic local organizations of freemasonry are called Lodge and Grand Lodges regulate all the local Lodges in the country or state. There is no superior Lodge that heads all the lodges. The members of these organizations are called freemasons or masons.
The Masonic lodge is the basic regulative unit of freemasonry. The members meet regularly to discuss and perform general formalities like paying bills, planning and organizing social and charitable events. The rituals that take place in lodges are conferring a degree to a new member, delivering lectures and so on. A degree is conferred on the new member who is willing and qualifies for the same.
People have different reasons to become a freemasons, some of them want to continue it as a family heritage while other think of it as a holy way to lead a noble life. There are several requirements to qualify as a freemason. Though there have been a debate on the matter whether the society is a secretive or not, there are some clear objectives of freemasonry reckoned by its members.
The main objective of freemasonry is to help individuals find the truth of life amidst the chaos of numerous terrestrial things. Their teachings revolve around the motto to make good people better and improve their lives by servicing them. Freemasons believe in a balance of mind and body to achieve their goals. To qualify as true freemasons, one must have a reputed foundation of morality and virtue in the society. They like to spread the word that, beyond all the boundaries of caste and creed, we are one unit to convey peace and uniformity of thoughts.
Freemasons depict themselves through certain symbols that are square and compasses that are originally taken from stonemasons. During initial days of a freemason, he is taught and explained the meaning and significance of these particular symbols. In some jurisdictions of freemasonry, a member need to possess these symbols such as Masonic coins, royal arch and grand aprons etc.
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