The measures to guarantee construction quality of heating furnace clay castable

Posted by annesheldon on August 17th, 2016

In order to guarantee the construction quality of the casting material, combined with the manufacturer's technical requirements, the characteristic make the following measures in the actual casting process.

(1)using a vibrator when pouring vibration is the key to the construction of, if ignore the operation requirements, in the process of casting is prone to honeycomb pitting surface, even the hole, or under the anchor bricks appeared empty, the anchor bricks down, lead to roof defects such as uneven.

(2) Before pouring in the roof with set both sides wall hopper, evenly spread at the same time, material in case the template and expansion joint plate displacement. After uniform fabrics, with high frequency vibrator leveling, vibrator to slow in slow out, not vibration and lower anchor bricks, vibration rods around slowly allocated to ensure jack get to vibration, especially the corners should be more careful vibrating, shall not leak.

(3)after anchorage brick to put, and make it closely contact with top material surface and flat, with a fixed clamp, and make the anchor bricks face contact with the template plane.

(4)to strictly control the moisture, stir for the first time, according to the requirements of mixture ratio of water to try mixing.

(5)due to the furnace frame is too big, to block casting, casting template should have good rigidity, the surface of the template should be greased or waxing process, in order to open mold.would u like to know other fire brick ?There have many kinds of fire bricks in our factory.Welcome to view our website anytime.

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