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Posted by joseeliyo1232 on August 17th, 2016

One of the most important and ironically under looked aspect of everybody's life is proper health. Proper health is a broad term which concerns wellness in all aspects including, physical, mental, social and emotional well being. This is important especially in these modern times where the priorities of the people have moved from happy leaving to wealthy living, rendering them unable to look after their health properly and still work hard for hours and hours every day. Sure there are exceptions to this case like body builders and athletes who take special care of their health to aid their profession, but even they can have problems that often go un-noticed. Even if physically in top condition, people can still have problems like stress, and sleep disorders.

According to the highly proclaimed Certified Nutrition Expert Dr. Joshua Axe, a real food diet is the best medicine. The natural way of attaining the necessary nutrients is the best and the easiest way to do so. Dr. Axe has a store of health care supplements that follow his real food policy.

From this store, comes a product called the  bone broth  protein which is a supplement of protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, chondroitin and other key minerals that are often left out in a regular diet. These nutrients are necessary for a wide range of health benefits. Bone broth is a very healthy light in flavor, thin in texture and rich in protein, stock made with bones. Dr. Axe's Product is made from real bone broth liquid, and then dehydrated, making it a concentrated powder. A scoop of this tasty powder when mixed with 12 ounces of water gives 1.5 cups of nourishing bone broth. With regular use, the supplement promotes healthy gut integrity, reduces permeability and inflation of muscles, reduces visible signs of aging like wrinkles, supports a healthy mood, aids the metabolism and promotes anabolism.

Just like Bone Broth Protein, another magnificent product from Dr. Axe's shelf is the delicious  grass fed whey protein  supplement, which is available in various flavors. A scoop of this product contains 20g of protein. Along with necessary proteins, it also has enzymes to help with their digestion. Unlike most other whey proteins on the market which are adulterated by acid treatments, injection of steroids and artificial hormones and inorganic sweeteners, Axe Nutrition's Whey Protein is far from a denatured product.

About is the online web store that sells health care products, protein powder supplements,  omega 3 fish oil  etc developed by Dr. Joshua Axe, a well known Nutritionist. For more information, visit

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