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Posted by Acciai Aaron on August 17th, 2016

Some children are poor in languages. Such children have to be given more care by the teachers as it takes much effort to build language skills. You have to work on various aspects like communication skills, vocabulary, writing skills and many more in order to make a child proficient in a particular language. Schools teachers will not be able to spend enough time with your child as she or he is already busy with many more works. They have daily duties to carry out and have only less time to give undivided attention to your child. An idea that can help you to make your child perform well in the English exam is - Send him or her for tuition. We are the perfect choice in this regard as we are “EDUFIRST”.

When you have made up your mind to provide tuition arrangements for your child then go only for the best one. Approach us and we promise to solve your problem quickly. Each child scores less in his or her exam due to lack of certain skill. The first step that we do is finding the reason for your child’s inadequate performance. We analyse your child’s skills and make sure to find the root of the problem. Then we prepare customised teaching plans for your child and gives individual attention to your child in classes.

O Level English Tuition offered by us has already helped many children in increasing their exam scores. Our Tuition Centre in Punggol not only teaches students but also develop good communication skills in them. We motivate them in their studies and act as a good catalyst for increasing their performance every day. If you have any doubts regarding the courses offered by us at our centre then click EduFirst Learning Centre. All your doubts will get cleared automatically as our website lets you know all needed details about the services offered by us. You can also call us in order to get more information.

Don’t waste your time going to other centres as such time wasted is equal to fewer score in exams gained by your child. Get our help from starting itself as this assures fine ranking of your child because of his or her marks in English exams. Your child can become owner of even better ranks, including first rank, if you access our tuition services for other subjects too. EduFirst Learning Centre gives you proof for the same. We have displayed scores of children before and after getting our help. Take a look on the same and reach our Tuition Centre in Punggol soon. Our O Level English Tuition services are waiting to serve you

We work well not only with children but also with their parents as we understand the need of involving parents in our discussions. The areas of development are discussed with both the child and parents by us. This helps parents in understanding their child’s weak areas and aids them in helping their children more wherever they can. Come; let us change the future of your child!

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