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Posted by Acciai Aaron on August 17th, 2016

Are you in search of good student care services at Punggol? Do you want to enrol your child in a primary or secondary tuition? Well, it can get really hectic when it comes to finding good student care centres for your children because you want only the very best education and care for them. When in such a dilemma as to which centre to choose for your child, simply come to Punggol student care at the drop of a hat. We provide excellent student care and primary science tuition that will help mould your children in the right direction.

We are a very well known student education firm with an ultimate aim to provide primary and basic education to all the students. We have hired highly trained and experienced teachers who love what they do. They are friendly, full of knowledge, caring and excellent in this field. They are well trained to understand the mindset of young kids and therefore, know how to take good care of them. Your child’s safety is our responsibility so you absolutely need not worry about it. Once you come to us, be rest assured that your child will receive high quality education and grow up to be a great human being.

At EduFirst, we do not encourage memorizing what is in the science textbook. We believe that students should build their thinking skills right from the young age so that their knowledge will develop positively. For this purpose, our science teachers embrace the new MOE science syllabus in their tuition classes. This helps students attain good grades in science in primary school. In this method, the primary focus is on: learning process skills, using right key terms while answering questions, understanding the concepts and techniques to cleverly answer the section B questions. So basically, at our primary science tuition, we make the entire science learning process really exciting unlike the usual learning processes in schools.

We also specialize in before and after class Punggol student care services. We basically aim to give your child a complete social and emotional learning environment. This includes socialization, play, language building and enculturation. This method of learning is totally different from the traditional and formal learning techniques. We take care of everything in order to keep your child safe. We provide air purifiers for a clean learning atmosphere, school pick up and drop off services, educational TV programmes, supervision of homework, CCTV surveillance, healthy meals, fun activities and games, library and regular updates about children to their parents. We promise you that your child will enjoy learning with us and grow up as intelligent individuals.

Browse through EduFirst Learning Centre and get to know more about us and our services. You can also call us to get answers to your queries immediately. We are available to you 24 hours on all days of the week. Call us immediately to enrol your child into the best tuition and student care centre.

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