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Posted by Liz Seyi on January 18th, 2024

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If it seems to you that rock climbing has been having a bit of a “moment” lately, that’s really no accident. Quite a few things have been bringing rock climbing further into the mainstream over the last few years, including the billions of views that rock-climbing videos have attracted on socials, and competition climbing making its Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics. 

But there’s something else that people of all ages should know about rock climbing: not only is it a really great activity for all-round physical and mental health, it can take you across the world on different adventures and open the door to a whole new type of travel.

So, if your teen has been getting into, or showing an interest in rock climbing recently, maybe a middle or high school adventure program would be great fit to help them further their interest and realize where climbing can take them - Think the French Alps, the Colorado Mountains, or the National Parks of Maine!

Why is rock climbing such a great thing to do, anyway? 

Rock climbing might seem like the kind of extremely physical activity that only the strongest and fittest people would be able to do safely and effectively, but that’s a misconception. It’s actually an activity most people can participate in and benefit from. 

However it is most definitely an activity that is “easy to get to grips with, but difficult to master” which is why it's so popular with young people. The constant challenge of new routes, developing your own strength and technique, and the overwhelming joy and satisfaction when a route or problem is conquered keeps climbers coming back, and chasing that adrenaline rush! 

Climbing with The Road Less Traveled - What's different?

Many teens start climbing in gyms, summer camps, or local sports centers, which allows them to learn the basics in a man-made environment or wall. Here at RLT we take it one step further as we take students straight onto real rock faces, and get them climbing in some of the best natural environments across the world!

This adds a whole new layer of challenge, and also reward. Reaching the top of a natural rockface and seeing breathtaking views across the treetops, or climbing a cliff with wildlife all around you makes the experience all that more special.

What student travel programs include rock climbing as an activity? 

Here at The Road Less Traveled (RLT), we design our adventure trips to help young people build their social skills, confidence, environmental stewardship, and a greater sense of service and global responsibility. 

In other words, when a teen embarks on a high-school adventure program with RLT, they will not “just” benefit from an adventure program. What they will receive will be a unique experience that helps shape them into a more rounded person. 

Along the way, though, they will also get to test and hone their rock-climbing skills – if you choose an RLT program that incorporates this! You can discover those by navigating to our teen travel programs for the summer of 2024, and selecting “Rock Climb” under “Activities” in the left-hand sidebar. 

With our adventure programs for next year encompassing such stunning parts of the world as the French and Italian Alps, the mountains of Colorado, the pine forests of Maine, and the sun-drenched Costa Brava coastline of Spain – to mention just some of the possibilities – your teen will have ample opportunity to develop their climbing skills, while exploring some of the most breathtaking parts of the world. 


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