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Posted by fanzhou on August 19th, 2016

No one shouldn rsquo;t restrain us of our liberty. So is Jagex. For such a long time, some of you have to compromise to do tasks that you hate to do. Now such behaviors will be groundless to executed because random events have changed to entirely optional tasks. You have the right to click to start this event or just ignore it. Meanwhile, part of them will soon been scattered around the game while others,Cheap RS Gold  freely chosen by you.Cooler Old school RuneScape? Undoubtedly! Have fun, everyone! The Bounty Hunter target system is in full wings. Before it hits to Old School RunScape, the developers push out a poll about the changes of Bounty Hunter system and the rewards working with Bounty Hunter. What would you like to see in Bounty Hunter, Dragon Claws or Brawlers?Changes on Bounty Hunter Philosophy. To avoid a system to be farmed and carry potential danger to undermine the wilder game, Jagex decides to apply for alternative rewards, which will never reward those not engaging in serious PvP blindly.RS Gold Possible solutions. Emblems will be the only currency accepted by PvP store. They are dropped by your target when you successfully score a kill. You can also exchange them with points at PvP store.Besides, both items to benefit skillers and PvMers and that for PKers should be displayed in the shop although the content is cuntered around the Wilderness.What rsquo;s more, every time you succeed kill a target, your Emblems will be upgraded into a larger, more valuable one. Upgraded emblems will be worth more points at the PvP store. Dying whilst in possession of an upgraded emblem will reward the successor with your emblem, so it rsquo;s time to balance ability against greed.What rewards should match with these changesFor the above changes of Bounty Hunter, players have listed some items to respond to developers rsquo; call, including Dragon Claws and Brawlers.Most of them show that they don rsquo;t mind Dragon Claws, but Brawlers should be cut down. Dragon Claws hit a little more than AGS generally, Runescape Gold so people would like to rush with Claws. However, skillers in OSRS refuse to Brawlers, because extra XP spoils the game, and makes the game easier.What would you like to see in PvP store?

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