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The Garden Shredder Garden Label Printer

Posted by LidsPlastic on August 18th, 2016

The Garden Shredder Garden Label Printer You've Been Waiting For

Horticulturists and gardeners should really love this label printer. It is designed with them in mind but it is also very useful for anyone that might need to apply labels to organize their supplies.

The Brother GL-200 is great for labeling tiny seedling pots, for organizing your tool wall or rack, for labeling what is inside those used coffee cans, or for just about any kind of labeling.

The GL-200 uses the tape cartridges from Brother's TZ and these label tapes are durable and very resistant. They come in widths of 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.

These labels can also withstand temperatures from -80 to +150 degrees Celsius so they could even hold up in outer space.

These label tapes are also resistant to humidity, chemicals, oils and abrasions, so they are really tough. The color of print ranges from black to fluorescent and the backing or label color can be from transparent to white.

There are five different fancy borders also included with this label printer. These borders consist of the wooden plank, Scarifier Rake the callout, the sweet wrapper, the banner with the curly ends and the rounded rectangle

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