How to Arrange a Motivational Speaker for High School Students

Posted by joelpenton on August 19th, 2016

High school is the time when students hit their adolescence – the time they try to understand different and complex feelings. It is a crucial time for them to understand and make sense of life. However, at times through both thick and thin, it is their friends they turn to and who become a pillar of support. Ironically, since they also fall under the same age group as the troubled teenager, the situation may get more confusing for both rather than any better.

This is the time when they need the guidance of a motivational speaker who can help them overcome their problems and become stronger individuals with a sure shot at success. There are many ways of arranging for a motivational speaker for high school students. Some of the most common methods are:

Talking to a school that has engaged a motivational speaker
Getting details from another school that already has had such a program is a smart way to start. This helps the school to identify the positives about the speaker’s conferences. They get first hand-knowledge of how the students were helped, what the speaker did to improve their self-perception and so on. The school will also find other relevant details such as program details, the cost of hiring the speaker, his / her contact details, etc.

By directly approaching a speaker they have heard of
The high school authorities can arrange for a speaker by directly contacting him or her in person. They may have heard of him or her from some person or read of them in papers. A direct approach is the quickest and helps the school understand what they are getting much faster. In case contact details are not available, they can initiate contact through the person’s website, social media accounts, etc.

Initiating contact in conferences, meetings, etc.
Another way to meet speakers is during governing body meetings, teacher conferences, etc. Some speakers come and interact with the faculty and also to network during these conferences or meetings. Talking to speakers who are attending the meeting is a great way to come up with a few names that can be used to motivate the students.

Using an agency or third party
Another way is to get in touch with an agency that can help the school to find the best match. The company jots down the requirements and searches its database and contacts to find the right speaker. They will provide all the details such as name, specialty (education, motivation, career, etc.), contact details, portfolio, cost, program offers, etc.

Searching online
One of the most accessible ways to search for a speaker is to search for him / her online by checking their website, videos and public reviews. Some may have webinars that the authorities can see and understand what the speaker offers. The professional speakers provide easy ways of contacting them on their site. It makes sense to try this option with the rest so that the school authorities know the most relevant speakers for their school.

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