Promotional and Marketing Strategies for Corporate Gifts

Posted by Heiwhite on January 29th, 2024

Gifting can support the sales and marketing strategy of B2B companies in many ways, whether through corporate gifting companies or internal procedures.

Gift-giving should be well-considered and holistic, as it is most effective when developed within a coherent customer-relationship approach.

When you combine promotional gift products with personalization, you can keep your company and its services top of mind – and in a positive way. It is undeniable that securing brand awareness through gifts is an unquestionable advantage. Gifting is now a big industry: by 2025, the corporate gifting market will be worth 2 billion.

After identifying the main benefits of corporate gifting, the article gives some examples of gifts and tips for implementing them.

How Does Corporate Gifting Work?

Corporate gifts can be used by B2B companies as part of their marketing strategies. Gifting is giving: that's a given!

The downside is that we might not realize how versatile and diverse gifts can be as a tool for leveraging business development – across the entire sales cycle. A corporate gift idea can be an effective way to promote market awareness, cultivate leads, or strengthen relationships with existing clients.

The nature of the corporate gift can also vary and it doesn't always have to be something physical: it can range from small and generic items (for example, a branded pen or socks) to a more personal, bespoke, and valuable gift (such as a luxury gift box, gift cards, or wellness experience). You can give anything as a corporate gift.

It is possible to give corporate gifts at any point of the business cycle: from prospecting to establishing long-term relationships. It is crucial to consider the context when deciding what and when to gift. You need to consider the nature of the client relationship in these decisions, as well as the goals you wish to achieve tactically.

How Does It Benefit You?

Several B2B sales goals can be achieved with corporate gifting, most notably gaining new business and maintaining existing business. It can also be a great way to build brand awareness and communicate positively with prospective customers.

Promote brand awareness

Give small, generic gifts during the early stages of awareness-building to raise your company or product's profile.

The gift you offer might be as simple as a coffee mug or socks with your company logo on them, which you can hand out at face-to-face events or as part of virtual ones as a way to welcome new clients.

It is certainly more effective for a B2B company to send high quality prospecting gifts to create a connection with potential leads. When chosen carefully and targeted at the right recipient, these gifts can make a much bigger impact than cold-calling or emailing.

Improve client relationships

Corporate gifting can enhance your relationship with existing and potential customers, especially if you follow an account-based marketing strategy.

Employee Support

Besides receiving gifts, corporate gifts can also be a motivating and empowering experience for your team.

Using corporate gifting in recruitment and retention campaigns can help your employees achieve their other goals.

Tools to Consider

You can support your sales operations with a wide range of tools (sales tools, prospecting sales tools, productivity apps, remote sales tools, and social selling tools). You may have already debated or adopted many of these digital or technological options. Do we get virtual numbers for our sales team members? What tools should we get for remote selling? Combined with these technological tools, corporate gifting helps you build a direct connection with your clients in a powerful, personalized, and human way.

When implemented effectively, gifting can energise your employees - broadening their arsenal and building a strong sales culture. It is an effective way to attract and retain top talent given the challenges businesses face to retain them.

Appreciate your team

The recipients of your corporate promotional gifts do not have to be potential or existing clients. You can also give them to your employees to show your appreciation for their hard work and to celebrate their achievements. If you want your employees to feel even more special, you can also include appreciation quotes in your thank-you cards or notes. In this way, you will be able to build a more engaged team that will work harder for you. Additionally, they will serve as great ambassadors for your company, helping you to promote your services and achieve your goals.

By doing so, you will create a more enthusiastic team who will be willing to go the extra mile for you. They will also serve as great ambassadors for your business, helping you to promote your services.

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