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Posted by glainmax55 on August 19th, 2016

DALLAS- Dallas-based financial advisor Stewart Fields has done it again. The 29-year old financial analyst, having already founded one successful company, has turned his attention to the world of personal finance with the launch of his new site, stewnomics.com. The site offers hard-hitting analysis on economic news and sound, practical financial information, all in 500 words or less!

The work grows out of Fields’ first success in Business Finance advising. “I was already spending all this time thinking about markets and investments, and figured I’d jot a few notes down as I went. The writing got more complete as I went along, and pretty soon I had enough content to start the site. It’s been pretty exciting,” Fields said.

Those looking for hot stock tips or other gambling advice will be disappointed in Stewnomics. The content focuses on moderate, even-handed perspectives on news in the financial world. There are no red hot buys or solid gold stocks, just sound, rational, realistic examinations of complex issues.

The best part about Stewnomics has to be the brevity of the writing. Complex topics like treasury rates and fiscal policy are handled efficiently in the space of 500 words or less. “People are busy. They need their news in a hurry. There’s no time to waste on the internet. Get people the news and get out of the way,” said Fields.

There’s a range of subjects covered on the site, too. Whether you’re looking for the economic side of the Olympic Games or the impact of Trump’s fundraising efforts on his campaign, Stewnomics has something to offer. Basically, if it’s happening in the economic world, Fields is there to offer his quick, but carefully thought out, two cents.

What makes the website shine is Fields. His background is in Articles on Finance, but he comes to it by way of psychology. He’s got the experience with modern analytic tools to understand the intricacies of the market, but he’s also got a unique perspective on human decision-making. “When people make rational decisions, market analytics work great. Sometimes, though, people don’t do the thinking. They go with some crazy reason. That’s where psychology shines,” Fields said.

Stewnomics updates at the pace of news, and new articles are added several times a week. Always bite-sized, always informative, Stewnomics is a great place to get your quick hit of financial information.

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