3 Tips for Creating the Case for Managed Network Services

Posted by Sunder Singh on August 19th, 2016

Whether you run a small, medium-sized, or enterprise business, IT investments have to be justified. This applies to almost any investment from substituting an aging server to constructing global MPLS backbones. One needs to know what the suggested technology is and how is performs at a high level, and more significantly, how the technology benefits the establishment. When creating the case for managed network services, you will have to address other concerns as well. For instance, senior managers might worry about security and risks related to outsourcing, or "out-tasking" as some like to call managed network services. Below are a few tips for creating the case for managed network services.

Introduce the Current Problem That the Managed Network Services Will Solve

Your boss is tasked with classifying opportunities and addressing issues. By discussing the matter and its potential opposing effects on the business, you are recognizing an area that needs to be amended and establishing a necessity for the proposed service. For instance, if your existing MPLS is excessively lethargic and data backups are deferred by several days, you could focus the dangers of functioning without a present data backup set. If you can measure the damage, do so. For example, how many man hours would be necessary to reform manually three days' worth of invoices or how many orders will be lost because of a system-wide crash and data loss?

Provide a High-Level Overview of the Proposed Service

Next, explain the managed network services you are suggesting. Unless your supervisor is an IT professional, try to keep your clarification as non-technical as possible. Your boss doesn't fundamentally need to know the technical specifications at this point, but then again will want assurance that it's well designed as well as backed by a legitimate company that distinguishes what it's doing. Whereas you are at it, show how the projected managed network services align with your business's values and vision.

Discuss Its Benefits

This is the most significant part. This isn't about characteristics; it's about how the managed network services you are endorsing will solve the problem you had earlier and made a positive impact on the establishment. For instance, will the solution speed up the extensive area network and offer nearly real-time data backups? If so, talk to that first because that is the answer to the issue you initially discussed. Subsequently, add the "but wait, there are more" advantages.

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