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Posted by Garza Flora on February 4th, 2024

An experienced Mansfield family lawyers can assist with various legal matters, such as divorce and child custody disputes. These issues often have far-reaching ramifications; find someone with proven expertise.

Wiselaw conducts independent reviews and recommendations of solicitors for family law matters. Our assessment takes into account customer ratings, experience, size, notable cases as well as Legal Ombudsman or disciplinary records of each firm.
Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes can be among the most contentious issues in family law. With legal assistance, however, you can protect your rights and ensure the best interests of your children are taken into consideration while also helping reach an amicable solution through mediation.

Each of these areas involves complex laws which need to be understood by an experienced professional in order to successfully handle them.

Experienced Mansfield divorce attorneys can offer invaluable guidance and peace of mind as clients work through these trying situations. He or she can advise clients to take steps to protect their privacy, such as renting separate P.O. boxes and changing passwords on joint credit accounts, phones and computers; copy important documents and financial data and make copies for safe keeping; gather evidence such as medical records, tax returns or pay stubs to be presented at court hearings etc.

Divorce can be an immense life change that impacts both spouses. It may cause emotional anguish and financial strain for each party involved; additionally, the impact may extend to any children involved and require costly legal services fees - should this be your next step, an experienced family law attorney can be invaluable.

Experienced attorneys can help with all aspects of divorce proceedings, from property division and child custody disagreements to getting court orders for child support and alimony payments. Furthermore, they can help you prepare for court and waive fees if applicable for low-income families.

An experienced family lawyer can explain the laws of your state and lead you through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. They can also represent you during either uncontested or contested divorce proceedings - such as filing on grounds such as separation, irreconcilable differences, extreme cruelty or other grounds - where a judge must approve your claim before dissolving your marriage.
Property Division

Property division is an essential aspect of divorce proceedings, requiring spouses to identify, classify, value and distribute property acquired during their marriage - including cash, stocks and retirement accounts as well as debts such as mortgages or credit card balances. A skilled attorney can assist in this process and divide this property among community and individual properties and determine how much each should receive.

Tranchina & Mansfield, LLC attorneys specialize in handling high-end and complex divorce, child custody and property division cases in Covington and its surrounding areas. Frank Tranchina is an esteemed Board Certified Family Law Specialist who boasts 42 years of legal experience; in fact, as part of Louisiana state legislature's Marriage Law Committee he was instrumental in shaping Louisiana divorce laws.

When choosing the ideal family law solicitor for you, take into account their level of accreditations, notable cases and Legal Ombudsman records before selecting them from ReviewSolicitors reviews left by previous clients for reference. This will allow you to find firms which fit best.

An experienced mediator helps disputants explore issues, improve communication and develop solutions that work for both sides. Mediation can often help family law cases find an amicable resolution outside the courtroom.

Mediation proceedings involve the neutral mediation of disputes among disputants while remaining objective. Mediation sessions tend to remain private and confidential, and any conversations held within them cannot be admissible in other administrative or judicial proceedings.

Born and raised in Louisiana, Mr. Mansfield understands the emotional turmoil associated with divorce and other family law matters. He strongly believes everyone deserves quality representation that will protect their rights, relationships and future - he has earned an AV Preeminent peer review rating from Martindale-Hubbell as an AV Preeminent litigator and certification from Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization as an expert in family law - his practice specializes in Covington and surrounding areas.

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