MS Office Home and Business 2021 vs.Microsoft 365, What To Choose?

Posted by DirectDeals on February 5th, 2024

While scrolling your internet you must have come across the terms MS Office Home and Business 2021 and Microsoft 365. You must have searched for them. People often get puzzled between Office Home and Business and M653, they blend them together. Are you one of them? Did you also think of them as the same? Let us tell you, No, they are not the same, there are differences between them. But, what’s the difference, you ask? In this blog post, we will help you to know the ropes. Stay connected and join us on the journey of learning, achieving, and exceeding your goals.

Overview of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021

Office Home and Business 2021 is the latest version of Office suites that incorporates applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for Windows. It is also worth noting that Office 2021 is a one-time purchase, tailored to elevate the productivity and efficiency of the users. You ask questions like, why to use it? 

Here are its amazing applications:

Word: Allows you to craft documents in the best way possible. The application is designed to make professional-quality documents, reports, letters, etc. It is tailored in a way that permits you to customize the documents with the features to format and edit them accordingly.

Excel: The spreadsheet of Excel permits the user to format, calculate, and edit the data. In addition to this, it assists them in data analyzing and budgeting, data entry and storage, calendaring, and scheduling.

PowerPoint: Designed to make compelling presentations, the application ensures to dismantle information appealingly. The dynamic slide presentations can include colors, animations, images, videos, and much more.

Outlook: Does managing data seem far-fetched? Need not worry, MS Office 2021 will make it possible. Organize your email, manage your calendar, store data, and track your task seamlessly through Outlook. 

Top two benefits of Office 2021

  1. Co-authoring: This feature allows you to work with others on the same document simultaneously. You don’t have to send extra notes to everyone individually. This feature will inform everyone when a file is updated.

  1. Multipurpose: Are you looking for attractive templates? MS Office PowerPoint will provide you with them. Are you willing to make professional documents? Office Word will assist you with it. Do you need help to remind yourself about important dates? Outlook will do it for you. Office is the best suite for catering to your multiple requirements.

Overview of Microsoft 365

M365 is a powerful suite that includes productivity apps to cater to your needs, it seamlessly blends creativity, efficiency, and productivity. It should be highlighted that MS 365 is a subscription-based suite, an amount has to be paid monthly/annually to avail of its features. Allow us to unwrap its uses, and amazing features.

Here are its apps that would help you to work more efficiently:

Calendar app: Ensures to book meetings with others, you can also see who has accepted the meeting and who has declined it. It permits the app to get synced on your phone, making it convenient to use anywhere.

Family Safety: With Family Safety in your life, you can limit screen time. This amazing app also helps you to visualize where are all of your family members on a map if you all have installed the family app 

Forms: Ensures you to create surveys, polls, or quizzes. The results of them can be seen in real-time. This app allows you to create all type of questions that caters to your needs.

Top two benefits of Microsoft 365

  1. Enhanced collaboration: MS 365 incorporates cloud-based services like Exchange Outlook and SharePoint. These assist teams to collaborate more efficiently.

  1. High-tech security: You do not have to fret about cyber threats while using Microsoft 365 incorporates robust security features such as multi-factor authentication, and data encryption, thereby assisting users in cyber protection.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 vs.Microsoft 365, what do you need?

Okay, we get you! You are also confused about what to choose between MS Office and M365, don’t worry. You are well ahead of the pack if you are reading this blog, congratulations! Let’s quickly revise the difference between the two.

Key Differences

Office 2021

Microsoft Office 365


One time fee

monthly/ annual subscription


Outlook, Word, PowePoint, OneNote, and Teams

*Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Publisher, Exchange, Access, Stream, Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, MyAnalytics, and To Do


Not included 

Access to OneDrive cloud storage included 

Multi Devices

License is bound to a single device and must be purchased if the hardware is lost or stolen

The license is tied to an account and can be moved between devices.

Closing thoughts:

Thank you for joining us on this informational journey, we hope after reading this blog you will be able to decide whether to Buy Office Home and Business 2021 or go for Microsoft 365. If you want to make any purchase of Office 2021 or M365 and you don’t know how. Need not worry, we have the solution for it, DirectDeals. You can visit the website and get your suite at a comparative price. 

They have been an authentic partner of Microsoft for 25 years and provide MS products at a comparative price. Contact them and get your product today. Stay tuned!

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