Common Myths You Should Overlook About Teeth Cleaning in Ottawa

Posted by Ali Tariq on February 5th, 2024

Research indicates that many people avoid visiting a dentist for teeth cleaning in Ottawa for fear that it’s painful. The reality is that these services may be uncomfortable for some patients, but they're painless. This article will quash this myth by explaining what happens whenever a patient visits a dental clinic for these professional services.

5 Laughable Misconceptions About Teeth Cleaning in Ottawa Today

  1. One shouldn't brush their teeth if they visit the dentist for teeth cleaning.

You must brush your teeth at least twice a day to remove all the lodged food particles and bacteria. Therefore, you shouldn't strictly relegate this responsibility to this professional because it might worsen your dental health.

  1. Pregnant ladies shouldn’t get teeth cleaning services

All humans must clean their teeth often to prevent dental-related problems, such as cavities or off-putting mouth odor. The belief that dental cleaning services are unsafe for such patients is baseless and misleading.

  1. Dentists use hard-bristled toothbrushes to clean the patients’ teeth

A few people wrongly think these professionals use hard brushes to clean their teeth. Technically, this is untrue because such a toothbrush can scrap off the enamel, exposing one to cavities.

  1. Dental cleaning services are unbearably painful.

These services aren't painful because it's generally non-invasive. After all, the dentists neither inject nor cut the gum.

The professionals always use anesthesia when conducting particular procedures like a root canal.

  1. Teeth cleaning services enhance sensitivity.

Rumor-mongers claim that dental cleaning services are invasive enough to trigger tooth sensitivity. Factually speaking, dentists use simple instruments, like drills, polishers, and an electric tooth brush to clean the teeth.

Why You Should Visit a Dentist for Teeth Cleaning in Ottawa

  1. Dental check-up

Dentists take a few minutes to evaluate the patient’s teeth before deep-cleaning the client's mouth. Therefore, they can detect severe dental issues such as gingivitis and roof infection.

  1. Eliminates bad breath

Certified dental experts use multiple teeth cleaning chemicals to eliminate unpleasant mouth odors. Further, they brush all the teeth plus the tongue to eliminate any odor-causing bacteria to eliminate this dental problem permanently.

  1. To save money

Dentists can detect underlying dental issues such as root infections and recommend the correct treatment. Therefore, they can help their patients recover good oral health within time to eliminate the need for tooth replacement services.

As a result, they don’t have to budget for these expensive dental services soon.

  1. Reduces the risk of cavities

Plague accumulates over time, resulting in the erosion of the enamel, triggering tooth pain. The exciting news is that a dentist can remove this layer and disinfect the mouth to kill all the bacteria hiding between the teeth.

5 Little-known Merits of Getting Teeth Cleaning Ottawa Services

  1. Builds one’s confidence

Dentists use various approved teeth-cleaning chemicals to remove plaque and brown stains. As a result, the patient can smile broadly and confidently as they converse with friends, strangers, and relatives.

  1. Saves you time

Professional dentists need between 15 and 20 minutes to clean the teeth and tongue of each patient who visits them. These services can avert dental problems such as tooth pain or bad breath.

Contrarily, these professionals need 30 minutes to an hour to conduct a root canal to eliminate a toothache.

  1. Prevents cavities

Dental cleaning services help to eliminate plaque and bacteria that may trigger cavities. Therefore, such customers don't have to worry about tooth loss, cavities, and gum-related diseases.

  1. Improves one’s smile

You can smile if you have brown stains or cavities on the teeth because it is embarrassing. Dentists polish all the teeth to eliminate the plaque to make your smile as beautiful as possible.

  1. Prevents gum-related diseases

Research shows that failure to clean the teeth can trigger cavities and plaque. Additionally, it triggers the multiplication of bacteria that can infect the gum, resulting in tooth loss.

Therefore, you should consider paying a dentist to clean your mouth to eliminate tartar and bacteria. 

Closing Thoughts

Always plan for teeth cleaning Ottawa services at least weekly to prevent possible oral health problems. Fortunately, some dental insurance plans cover these services to guarantee one's oral health. Interestingly, some dental clinics offer discounts on such services if you visit them often.

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