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Posted by Heiwhite on February 5th, 2024

In recent years, the country has attached great importance to the development of the digital economy and introduced a number of relevant policies to encourage and support the in-depth integrated development of digital technology and industry. In view of the vast market potential, it is expected that Web3 wallet will definitely promote the vigorous development of the digital economy

Panda Wallet integrates wallet, multi-chain interactive exchange, DApp browser, NFT and other functions into one, and the detailed functions of each section are relatively rich and easy to use.

In daily life, we have become very accustomed to various "centralized" and "custody" services, such as depositing money in centralized institutions such as banks and handing over our assets to banks for custody. Or hand over medical records to the hospital or the state, and entrust the medical records and medication records to the hospital or the state. Or for various Web 2 applications in daily life, such as Facebook and Google, we also host our accounts with them at the cost of sharing various behavioral data with them for free. Decentralization is one of the three major characteristics of blockchain. In a decentralized world, if there is no central agency that controls power, responsibility and power will of course return to the user, who will control and manage it themselves? This is "Non-custodial".

It will be a bit unaccustomed to non-custodial at first. Imagine that if you forget your ATM card password, you can go to customer service to apply again. But if it is non-custodial, who can you contact if you forget your password? The advantage of custody is convenience, but the disadvantage is that responsibility and risk are handed over to others. The advantage of non-custodial is that it takes back autonomy and is more free and unrestricted. The disadvantage is that it is a bit inconvenient (but this will gradually improve with the development of the industry). and the need to re-establish habits. If a bank fails, the assets inside will be affected. This is a case of centralization and custody. If a company that develops a cryptocurrency wallet fails, the assets inside will not be affected at all - this is a case of non-custodial.

For example, PandaWallet, a comprehensive Web3 multi-chain encryption wallet, can meet users' diverse encryption custody needs. It supports 90+ mainstream blockchains and provides a comprehensive multi-chain management experience, allowing users to easily manage their digital assets.

Currently, Panda Wallet has reached ecological cooperation and strategic cooperation with many mainstream public chain officials and has become a certified wallet. and created an intuitive and user-friendly website design to enhance the overall user experience.

In the future, Panda Wallet will become the entrance for users to enter the Web3 world. Here, they can play GameFi chain games, buy the most fashionable NFT small pictures, join the creator economy, and experience the metaverse; Panda Wallet is committed to creating a super portal for Web aggregation. It is a favorite tool for users to interact on the chain. They can freely exchange between chains and find popular assets. Panda Wallet has always been at the forefront of Web3 innovation, building a bridge between users and popular assets and public chain ecology.

The industry is constantly iterating, and the ecosystem is becoming increasingly rich, attracting more and more investors, developers, and entrepreneurs, and putting forward higher requirements for infrastructure tools such as wallets. Today, wallets are no longer just simple storage tools, but carry an ecosystem that provides users with a convenient way to enter the Web3 world.

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