Why Start Cannabis Cultivation with Clone Cannabis Plants?

Posted by SEO Digital Team on February 6th, 2024

Clones slash a whole month of the growing process and they also deliver consistent results every time. The Clone Conservatory’s Cannabis Nursery goes the extra mile, sourcing cuts directly from the strain's breeder or tirelessly hunting for the top-notch phenotype of each strain. 

Benefits of choosing clones over seeds 

Let's delve into why clones are stealing the spotlight from seeds. With clones from The Clone Conservatory Nursery, you can bid farewell to mixed results and welcome a reliable, consistent performance. The time saved in the growing process is a game-changer; a whole month off the calendar. That's a month less of anxious waiting, and a month more to enjoy the fruits (or buds) of your labor.

Getting started with growing cannabis 

If you're new to the world of growing cannabis, fear not. Whether you're eyeing those CBD clone plants or opting for traditional clones, getting started is simpler than you think. With Cannabis Clones for Sale and a bit of green thumb spirit, you'll soon be on your way to cultivating your own batch of primo buds. 

Choose a cannabis-growing medium

  • Soil is the go-to, easy-to-use option with natural nutrients, providing a tasty end product.
  • Soilless options, offer faster growth and bigger yields but require added nutrients.
  • Hydroponic grows, while simple, demand the right setup for fast growth, high yields, and potent weed. 

Choose nutrients 

  • Different mediums need specific nutrients, so follow feeding charts diligently.
  • Maintain the right pH level for optimal nutrient absorption; soil prefers 6.0 to 7.0, hydroponics 5.5 to 6.5.
  • Use reliable grow kits with plant fertilizer and boosters, such as those from the nursery. 

Choose an easy cannabis strain for beginners 

  • Autoflowering seeds don't need a specific lighting cycle, saving money and ensuring consistent yields.
  • Feminized seeds guarantee female plants, eliminating guesswork in the budding process.
  • Consider hybrid seeds like those available at the nursery, where you can filter options based on THC and CBD levels. 

Where to get cannabis clones 

Most local dispensaries shy away from providing clones, fearing a mass migration of customers to home cultivation, denting their profits. When you are looking for CBD Clones for home cultivation, you need to pick the best cannabis nursery, and the best choice is The Clone Conservatory 

That's where The Clone Conservatory Nursery steps in. Choose from an impressive lineup of strains, ensuring you'll never be stuck with a limited menu again. If your favorite strain is momentarily out of stock, they've got your back with a handy waiting list; drop your email, and they'll ping you when it's back in the game! 

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