Protecting Your Data When Computers Crash

Posted by ctcnetworks on August 20th, 2016

We like to think that our computers are fairly bulletproof. After all, we come in to work every morning, turn the thing on and it does exactly what you expect it to do. Of course there are days when you run into a software snafu, but you remain confident that your files are located where you put them.

What if they weren't? Hard drives do fail. Unhappy employees will try to sabotage your files. Disasters happen. It is your responsibility to ensure your business won't suffer undue hardship because the unexpected, but predictable, finally occurred.

Network Security in Nashville

If you have any information stored in your system that is sensitive, how are you protecting it? Simple files such as customer contact information can have a surprising amount of personal data that can be mined and used to steal an identity. Financial files contain all your most important data. Encryption can be expensive to invest in, but adding firewalls, passwords and even biometric devices on company computers can be economical means to approach you security issue.

Perhaps you use jump drives to transfer files. A hardwired network can help prevent the loss of a small device causing downtime in your operation. Your local Network Security Company In Nashville can work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Data Recovery in Nashville

What about that hard drive that failed in the middle of compiling a large presentation? What kind of backup do you have in place? If none is your answer, it is possible to recover your lost files on a drive that is otherwise considered trash. It is an expensive procedure, requiring trained technicians and a clean room environment where we can attempt to reconstruct files. However, for all the trouble, expense and panic that data recovery can cause, there are better ways.

Utilized off-site cloud storage services protect your most valued data from sudden hardware failure at your site. Should the computer die that you are working on, retrieval of those files is as simple as logging into your account and clicking a buttom from any other location.

It is reassuring to know that can assist you in the worst case scenario right here in the Nashville area, but opting for an ongoing backup system with them is a more far reaching solution.

IT Support for Nashville Area

Those large national IT companies that say they offer technical support, don't always meet all the needs of a busy small business. The person answering the phone may not even be located in the country, let alone have understandable language skills. Once you've discussed your problem, it is possible that they will need to send out a technician to your site, and that may take days to catch a flight.

Seeking local IT Support From The Nashville area means your neighbor will answer the phone, help you with your problem and arrive at your door within hours, instead of days, if needed. Sometimes saving a few dollars in the name of the bottom line ends up costing you more in time and frustration. Support your local economy and it will also support you.

When you need assistance with your data, network security, or just some good old fashioned technical support, check out for local Nashville IT assistance.

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