Pluses Of Regular Air Handler Cleaning in Fairfax and Manassas, VA

Posted by aircleaningtechva on February 7th, 2024

Cool air circulating through the room adds to the comfort level during hot summer days. Installation of a quality HVAC system becomes essential, therefore. While most individuals enjoy the experience, few are concerned about the components of the system as necessary. It is surprising to know that an air handler unit exists apart from the air ducts. It is also advisable to attend to air handler cleaning in Fairfax and Manassas, VA, as a necessary part of maintenance.

First things first, though! One must be aware of its functions before going ahead and cleaning the unit. It is interesting to note that the air handling unit (AHU) collects the air from the immediate environment, removes the dust, dirt, and other contaminants, and adjusts the humidity and temperature of the air before letting it out into the room via the air ducts.

Like other HVAC system components, the air handlers also gather dust and debris. It gets moist by continuous functioning as well. Thus, it becomes a breeding ground for diverse pathogens and microorganisms that adversely affect health. One does not need to clean it daily, however. Setting up a maintenance routine can work wonders instead. The best way to ensure such intricate cleaning is to engage experienced professionals in such specialized cleaning.

The end-user can benefit hugely by having the AHU cleaned meticulously. The most noticeable gains include the following:-

· Improved Air Quality- The air quality improves directly once the pollutants and mixture are removed perfectly from the unit. The clean air goes through the ducts into the room, thus enabling the users to breathe easily. Health issues such as allergies and other respiratory problems also disappear instantly. The need to visit the local health clinic is thus made redundant

· Energy Efficiency- A dirty air handler that functions continuously has to push harder at the air to pass it through the ducts. This increases energy consumption substantially, resulting in high utility bills. Statistics reveal that using a dirty air handler for a long time may hike electricity costs by more than 50%. Cleaning it regularly as a part of maintenance can enable one to save on electricity bills

· Prevention of Molds- Molds and mildew are developed in dark and damp areas with enough moisture accumulation. Regular cleaning of the moisture from the AHU and other pockets will not only get rid of molds but will also ensure a healthy environment

· Added Life- Cleaning is the only maintenance one needs to focus on primarily. A dirty AHU may cause many mechanical problems, with repair and replacement of components becoming a regular occurrence. The consumers are thus advised to have a maintenance and cleaning schedule finalized by getting in touch with a professional team

Commercial areas or industrial settings demand compliance with the Health & safety standards. Air handler cleaning in Fairfax and Manassa, VA, done at regular intervals, goes a long way in promoting the safety and well-being of the people working in the area.

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