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Posted by Matthew Short on February 9th, 2024

Only 10% of the total cars fail their first MOT. Interesting, isn’t it? You must be aware that every car passing three years of age must go through an MOT test to ensure the vehicle is road worthy. Are you aware of everything related to MOT Luton? Do you know about the checklist? Do you know how much it costs? There can be less-known reasons you can fail an MOT. And there’s more to it. To make you aware of the key aspects and information about the MOT test, we have this blog for you. Read it till the end and you will be aware of most of the things about an MOT if it’s your time to appear for the test.

Basic Reasons Why You Can Fail an MOT Test

Though you may be ready with everything advanced and needed when getting an MOT done, there still can be basic reasons that can result in a failed MOT test. Those can be:

If you have stickers on your windscreen, you can fail your MOT. This is because the sticker can hamper your vision while you drive. So, when you go for the MOT, make sure to replace all stickers that are coming in your vision’s way. A messy or cluttered car can also be one of the reasons why you can fail the MOT. So, clear all the mess and clutter. It will hardly take some time but can save you from unnecessary mess in terms of retesting. If your screen wash liquid level is not up to the mark, it will lead to you failing the MOT test. Again, it will take less time of yours so do it to save yourself from failing the test. Your number plate can be a big issue if it’s not the right way as it should be. It cannot be dirty, there can’t be numbers missing, unclear fonts, and more things like that. These things mean a failed MOT.

If any of the warning lights on the dashboard is not working, you are sure to fail the MOT. Always check all the lights there are in good condition.

What To Do If You Lose Your MOT Certificate?

If by any chance you end up losing your MOT certificate, don’t worry because there are solutions. The first solution is free of cost. In this, you have to visit GOV.UK and you can find and print your MOT there. For that, you need the registration number of your vehicle along with the reference number of 11 digits. This is known as the vehicle's V5C.

There’s also a second way that will cost you £10. For this, you will have to visit the MOT test center. There, provide them with the registration number of your vehicle along with the V5C reference number. They will give you your MOT certificate. Also make a note that when you sell your vehicle, the MOT certificate is not required. Some buyers can ask for it.

What If Your MOT Expires?

If your MOT expires, please don’t continue driving your car because that’s not legal. You can be fined a hefty amount you won’t like. Also, it’s about your safety as well, so you should never take that lightly. You failed because there was something not right, and you should get that fixed as soon as possible.

How Much Time Will an MOT Test Take?

The average time that an MOT test takes is around an hour. That’s the time you will have to spend to get the MOT test done. However, you must keep in mind a thing or two. If you end up failing the test and some repairs need to be done, you test and everything following can take a while like repair. The center at which you take your car for an MOT won’t let you drive the car further if you fail the MOT. Only if your current MOT is valid can you drive your car. If there are any faults, everything must be fixed. So, if you have an MOT booked for a certain day, spare your full day for it and plan accordingly.

Cost of an MOT?

Though the average bracket of getting an MOT done can be around £30 to £60, there are hacks that can help you get the test done in a smaller amount. There are service centers charging around 50% less for it. Maybe they have some offer, discount, or other things. You should keep an eye on such discounts and book your test when it’s running. You can search for MOT discounts, cheap MOT, and such offers online.

Are You MOT Ready Now?

Now are you aware of MOT Luton better than you were already? These key information will help you clear your MOT with flying colors. Keep basics about MOTs in mind and you are good to go.

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