XCheaters.com: Top 26 Signs He?s Cheating on You

Posted by smotij on August 22nd, 2016

If you think your man might be cheating , there’s a good chance you’re right – or at least that he’s not committed to the relationship. Here are a few tell-tale hints from Cosmopolitan Magazine that might confirm your suspicions.

1. He says he’s not ready for a relationship and he’s being saying so from the start. Yes, he might treat you nicely most of the time and you might think that he’ll change his mind, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s already told you that he’s not relationship material. If you’re not in a relationship, then he can have plenty of girlfriends without cheating.

2. He keeps his phone in ‘airplane mode’. You’re not an airplane, so why should he do this in your company? Here’s why – you won’t be able to see incoming texts if you happen to be looking at his phone.

3. He wears his hair in a ponytail. Ok. It’s just a hairstyle, but you have to admit that it makes him look like a Casanova. He thinks so too.

4. He takes his phone with when he uses the bathroom. There are only three possible reasons for this and two of them aren’t good news. Perhaps he doesn’t want you to see his phone – or he’s messaging someone else while he’s there – or he’s playing an online game on the loo.

5. He has more female than male friends. Uh oh!

6. He hasn’t introduced you to most of his friends. He’s not serious.

7. He’s always got some excuse why you can’t reach him by phone. Could he be switching it off?

8. The relationship isn’t moving forward. You’re just hanging out together.

9. He puts off meeting you for a variety of reasons. And he does it a lot!

10. He goes on the attack. When you ask him about why he’s so scarce, he says you’re ‘clingy’.

11. He seems to be losing interest in sex.

12. You have no idea where he might be. No-one likes telling an outright lie, so a cheater will be more inclined to leave you in the dark than fabricate something.

13. He’s inclined to say he’s a ‘loner’. Leave him alone, then!

14. He takes long to respond to messages. What a busy man!

15. He regularly takes a ‘rain check’. Perhaps someone else is more exciting? Of course, he might just be unreliable. Either way, do you want to continue like this?

16. Heaven knows where he spends time.You certainly don’t.

17. He can’t commit to dates, even when they’re soon.You’ll try and fix a get-together and he’s frankly evasive.

18. You catch him lying. Even if its unimportantstuff – this is a bad sign!

19. All his Instagram contacts are sexy ladies.

20. He doesn’t add names to his contacts. What’s the bet they’re all casual dates?

21. There’s been no introduction to mom and dad. He’s definitely not serious!

22. You find weird text messages on his phone.

23. He saves his texts in random folders on his iPad. He thinks you won’t look there.

24. Your friends say they’ve seen him on Tinder or XCheaters. So why would he be a member?

25. He gets really upset if you go near his phone -even when you’re just looking to see what the time is.

26. Most serious of all, when you try and talk about it, you get an aggressive reaction. If he’s not ready to talk things through, you haven’t got a relationship. Even if he isn’t cheating, it’s not worth going on with the relationship.

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