7 Tips on How to Spot a Scam Dating Site

Posted by smotij on August 22nd, 2016

At a time when online dating has been gaining widespread popularity throughout the world, it is not all that surprising to find out that a lot of these online dating sites are just there to scam unsuspecting people. has been around for some time now providing high quality online dating services to people all over the world and has put in place the appropriate measures to ensure that those who sign up there do not encounter any problem.

People are nowadays being advised to always be on the lookout for scam online dating sites. However, the question has always been on how one can identify or spot a scam dating site on a platform where they all appear to have almost everything in common. Below are 7 tips on how to spot a scam dating site;

Check out their legality: A lot of people are found of making the mistake of not verifying a particular site well before signing up. This has always had very dire consequences for those involved. It is therefore very necessary and expedient to always make sure that you only sign up on an online dating site that is baked by law. Without any legal backing, you can never hold any particular site responsible for whatever problem you may encounter.

Carefully go through their terms and conditions of use: One thing that almost every single individual takes for granted whenever signing up on any online dating site is the “Terms and Conditions of Use”. This is an area that allows you to really know what is in store for you and what you can do in case of any contractual breach by the site operator. Scam dating sites are found to always have terms and conditions that are contradictory. This therefore means that the moment you identify a site that has its Terms and Conditions of Use not properly written and without a clear understanding, know that is one of those scam dating sites.

Check reviews of previous users: One thing that can also be used to identify a scam dating site is the reviews left by previous users. People who get scammed by such sites are always left seething with rage and therefore leave very disparaging remarks about such sites.

Level of security of the site: Before you decide to sign up on any dating site, also make sure that you try finding out certain personal details of users who are already having an account on the site in order to ascertain how secured that particular site is. If you are able to get certain personal details that are meant to be private, then that site is among the scam dating sites.

Unrealistic dating promises: Scam dating sites are also known to come out with the provision of dating services that are very unrealistic and therefore do raise eyebrows.

High sign up fees: Scam online dating sites are also fond of charging high fees before one is allowed to sign up on the site and they always try to justify such fees by the so-called high quality services they provide. This is all just to rip you of your cash and other personal details.

Calibre of users on the site: The moment you find a dating site that only has well-known and famous people as its users, then something should tell you that you are on a scam dating site since such sites always try to entice people in order to sign up there.

These are the 7 tips on how to spot a scam dating site.

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