The Role of Identification Badges in Security

Posted by Capital Badges on August 23rd, 2016

Identification in areas with heavy foot traffic such as schools and businesses is essential to the security of everyone involved. Some situations make it simple to identify different people and the roles they play based on the uniform they wear. In many other cases however, environmental badges play an essential role in identifying people and easily spotting intruders or others who do not have permission to be where they are.

Badges in schools

Identifying students and faculty at schools is relatively easy. It is however essential to identify people on short stays such as workshop tutors, guest speakers and supply teachers. Badges that display “visitor” on them help to keep track of everyone on the premises. This is also a great way to reassure both students and staff that all the necessary precautions have been taken where presence on the school premises is concerned. School badges also go beyond security, and can be used to identify students who hold positions of authority or given out for merit.

Badges in shops

Depending on the type of store, badges in this situation are mostly used to protect stock rather than reassure employees or customers. Shops that enforce strict uniform codes make it easy to track employees and who is allowed access to restricted areas such as the backroom. This is however not a practical solution in stores that have unique target audiences and brand values such as suit makers and jewelers. Uniforms may not necessarily work to the advantage of the store in these situations. In this case therefore, badges are essential for employees to identify each other especially in larger establishments, as well as make it easy for customers to identify employees in case they need help.

Badges in the corporate world

Smaller companies and businesses that do not have the luxury of electronic scanning entry and other such high-tech security systems can take advantage of security badges to protect their equipment and other valuables. Badges that include the employee’s full names and expiration date makes it easy to identify current employees and who has access to what areas, as well as prevent previous employees from gaining access to the facility without proper approval.

Badges play a major role in security for businesses, event, schools and many other areas. It is therefore essential to choose the right provider to ensure that you are making the most use and gaining the maximum security advantages from all kinds of badges.

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