Rigid and avant -garde 160 horsepower is highly configured in howo light truck true incense

Posted by bruce zhu on February 21st, 2024

Rigid and avant -garde 160 horsepower is highly configured in howo light truck true incense

In the high -end light truck market, Omaco is definitely a topic that card friends are difficult to bypass. As a leader in the light card, the howo light truck has once again upgraded in terms of design, power performance, and configuration level, and continues to maintain its advantageous position. So what other flash points are there in this new howo light truck? This issue will take everyone to see it!

Many card friends realize that Omimon is from its outstanding appearance. It must be said that the appearance design of Eu Marco in contemporary products is always more avant -garde. In terms of appearance in terms of appearance, the howo light truck is still full of avant-garde. Through testing the wind tunnel test of the vehicle, the vehicle can be optimized. The Omar S3 has reduced the wind resistance coefficient to 0.45-0.48. It is helpful.

In terms of power, the real -shot Eu Marco S3 is equipped with the F2.5NS6B160 inline four -cylinder diesel engine, which has a displacement of 2.498 liters, a maximum output of 115 kW (160 hp), and a peak torque of 450 Nm. The engine is not weaker than the previous 2.8 -liter engine in power parameters, and the quality of the Kang machine has also been trusted by the majority of card friends.

The car matches the 6 -speed manual sinotruk engine, which is enough to deal with the transportation conditions of most cities. In addition, we can also see through real -shot pictures that the gearbox is designed with an all -aluminum shell, which can effectively reduce the weight, but also has a good heat dissipation performance.

In terms of chassis, the howo light truck suspension uses the front 3 and rear 5+2 steel plate spring suspension, and the rear axle speed ratio is 4.33. While reducing the self -weight of the chassis to a certain extent, it will not reduce the carrying capacity of its models, which is enough to deal with daily full -load transportation.

The real -time Eu Marco S3 can be matched with a variety of upper loads. When matching the column plate, the size is 4170x2100x400mm; when the matching of the grille is packed, the length of the cargo box is 4170mm, and the width of the cargo box is 2100mm. In addition, there are van and refrigerated cars to choose from.

The width of this Oxa S3 cab is 2060mm, and the interior space is more spacious, and there will be no sense of cramped. In terms of interior design, it is also completely renewed, and the overall is closer to passenger cars. Whether it is observation or touch, it is more advanced.

As a configuration with card friends at all times, the comfort of the seat is "must be inspected." In this regard, the car uses a shock -absorbing seat, which can greatly alleviate the driving fatigue of the card friends; the middle and sides of the seat are used to use different materials with different materials. Speed ​​performance. In addition, the car seat supports headrest adjustment, front and rear, pitch angle, and waist support adjustment. Card friends with different figures can find comfortable sitting positions.

The steering wheel of the Omar S3 becomes more sporty. The flat -bottom design not only makes the back feel clearer, but also leaves a larger front space. ; 3, 9 o'clock to optimize the grip, so that it is not easy to slip when turning the steering wheel. Multi -function keys are not absent, such as fixed -speed cruise, Bluetooth phone, volume addition and subtraction, etc., can be operated by the left and right buttons, which is very convenient to use. Essence

The howo light truck is the most high -end and quality of light cards in terms of chassis, power matching, and comfort performance. If you need a light card that can be complicated and long -lasting and can withstand the test, then this Omar S3 is indeed worth considering. The final question comes. In the urban distribution market, what do you think of the competitiveness of the howo light truck? Let's talk in the comment area!

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