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Posted by Tracey Wood on August 23rd, 2016

Yahoo is popular for its advantageous services and features. So as to help its users it provides multiple widgets options. This options provided by yahoo to its users makes it more worth using. It is because of these enhanced services that yahoo has millions of users worldwide. Yahoo widgets are yet more useful when it comes to enabling a user use yahoo more appropriately. To know more about yahoo widgets stay connected to Yahoo support number.

There are plenty of yahoo widgets that can be used with the existing yahoo mail account. We this yahoo wishes to provide a enhanced desktop experience for its users. With its yahoo widget application it provides an experience that you have not lived before. This is an application which is required to be installed on your desktop. After you install this application on your desktop or your laptop you will be able to use thousands of yahoo widgets that can be run with the help of this application. This app can be installed from yahoo widget website directly.

There are plenty of widget of yahoo. Each widget has a specific task to perform. All this widgets altogether are managed by widget engine of yahoo. Once you install the widget application you will get all widgets that you can use for your use. This will be visible in the bar of your widget application you can click on them and simply know what they are designed to do. If you feel that some widget is more essential so you can simply pick it up and put it on your desktop for daily use. All this can be done only when you download the widget application on your desktop. In case you have any problem you can take easy help by calling Yahoo contact number.

Some of the basic Yahoo widgets are:

  1. Analog clock: It is like a clock that shows current time and date
  2. Battery monitor: Shows the battery level.
  3. Day Planner:  Can be used with yahoo calendar.
  4. ITunes Remote: Enables you to play music with iTunes.
  5. Digital clock: Is a digital version of analog clock
  6. Picture Frame: Displays images from yahoo and flickr
  7. Yahoo! Weather: Provides weather information of the present location.

This apps can be used with or without yahoo being open but they need internet connection to work.

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