Ways to enhance the beauty of cake by Acrylic Cake Toppers

Posted by Giftwaredirect on August 23rd, 2016

Are you tired of the usual wedding cake figurines? Don’t worry—you don’t have to use the same for your big day. The modern twist to the cake toper are high quality acrylic letters that are customised based on your name or initials. You can order acrylic cake toppers online in different sizes and colours, so you should have no problems matching them with your wedding motif and your cake. 

Acrylic plastic is quite a popular material for cake toppers because using a machine, it can be cut into shapes and letters. Most modern brides prefer these cake toppers because they look fresher and younger than traditional bride-and-groom ceramic figurines. A nice, high gloss acrylic topper can make even a small vanilla sponge cake look quite substantial and more expensive. You can order an acrylic topper in any colour. 

There are many reasons why cake toppers are more important than they seem. This piece of acrylic plastic is the crowning glory of your cake, which is the centrepiece of your wedding reception. It will be photographed from all angles and forever preserved in in photos (and videos), so naturally, you want a cake topper that is elegant and timeless. 

Acrylic cake toppers are the modern choice because compared to ceramic figurines, they are sleeker and look much more polished. You will surely impress your guests with a cake topper that is especially customised with your initials or your new Mr. and Mrs. Name. Some acrylic toppers also depict silhouettes of the newly wedded couple. It’s possible to design a completely personalised acrylic cake topper using any design you want. 

Some couples even choose to have their cake designed around their cake topper. They order their custom topper online way ahead of their wedding date and then give it to their baker or pastry chef, who will then draw up a cake that is appropriate for the size and colour of the topper. 

The best way to purchase acrylic cake toppers is to order them online from suppliers that specialise in making custom wedding giftware. Design your own or choose from their pre-designed selection if you wish. You are free to customise the size and colour to suit your wedding cake. The best acrylic cake toppers are polished and well made. State of the art CNC routers are used to laser-cut them to get smooth and accurate results.  These machines likewise speed up the production process so that you can get your acrylic toppers within a week. 

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