The Best Astrologer in Kolkata Discussing Ways to Achieve Fame in Life

Posted by Parama Thakur on February 24th, 2024

The best astrologer in Kolkata says that we all seek fame and cannot avoid it. No matter how well-established you are in your life or not established at all, fame is something we all seek and work towards achieving. While attaining fame in our, some people work very hard towards the same, and others try the shortcut. Hence, people should always consult the best astrologer in India, Smt Parama Thakur, to achieve fame correctly.

Many of the best astrologers in Behala suggest different ways to achieve fame in their lives. Some of these processes are very expensive and need to be proven whi, leading individuals to save money. This is the process many human beings lose their faith in astrologers. However, the taste of fame is such that it must be addressed. The best astrologers in Kolkata have shared some astrological combinations which are very useful in this regard.

Some of the basic needs of human beings were achieved through a lot of struggle – when it comes to the earlier days of their life. One of these basic needs is fame, for which human beings always try to visit the best astrologers in Delhi. In achieving fame in their lives, the astrologers analyze their natal chart and also study the position of the planets in their respective houses before judgment. Below are some of the essential astrological combinations that clearly explain achieving fame in human lives.

- In the birth chart of human beings, the Lagna lord plays a significant role – when it comes to achieving fame in human lives. To be famous, you, Lagna lord, should be strong enough and should have your power growing. The second house of human beings is not for wealth, but it denotes a wealthy ascendant– helpful in achieving fame.

- The best astrologers in Mumbai say that the second house of human beings is identity-less without the required ascendants present. If the ascendant and the respective Lord are very strong, it leads to a solid natal chart foundation. Any beneficiary yoga can perform adequately if the Lagna and its separate Lord are strong.

- Saturn is the planet responsible for bringing along mass appeal for individuals. Saturn or Shani Dev is the Lord of the masses, and when it combines with Rahu/Venus, it can make a person famous and enhance leadership abilities.

- If the planet Moon is posited in the 5th/10th house of human beings, then it also helps people reach mass audiences. However, it is not the only factor that makes them famous; it is essential for a reputation.

- For judging the natal chart of human beings, some houses (Upachaya Houses) are also responsible for materialistic aspects. Among them, the 3rd house provides enough courage to move forward and face challenges. The 6th house offers strength and endurance to fight and defeat enemies, while the 10th helps achieve success.

- In case the Upachaya Houses receive strong malefic effects from planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, etc., it just enhances the chances for individuals to succeed. The best astrologer in Kolkata, Smt Parama Thakur, says that if the 11th lord is posited in the 2nd house, it paves the way for individuals to receive substantial financial gain.

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