What are The Hallmarks of a Good Nursing Home?

Posted by SEO Team on August 24th, 2016

It is most times necessary for older people with dementia to move into a care home especially if the dementia has progressed significantly. People dealing with disabilities or other illnesses further compound the need for specialized care that cannot be provided at home. It is necessary to choose a care home Waveney that prioritizes on respect, independence and dignity. There are a few pointers to look at in order to recognize such a facility.

The care is person-centered

Person-centered care first and foremost is focused on preserving an individuals respect and dignity. This type of care also recognizes that every person with dementia is an individual, and offers solutions centered on the person rather than one-size-fits all type of care. This kind of care also focuses on the individual’s abilities, qualities, needs and preferences. This approach to care helps to bring out the best in the person under care. A good nursing home should have a written mission statement or philosophy in regards to person-centered care.

The individual is respected

A good dementia care Lowestoff home should respect the privacy and dignity of the individual at all times. Such a facility should also have a personalized care plan that outlines how the person’s needs are met as well as how he can be encouraged to maintain his unique capabilities and strengths. Staff should also be properly trained on how to deal with people with dementia especially where communication is concerned, as well as other difficulties unique to people living with dementia.

The person’s right to choose is respected

Living with dementia does not mean that the person’s right to decision making is eliminated. A good care home should offer the person necessary tools and support to make decisions and plans about his care. This means that the person’s likes and dislikes and choice in activities, clothes or food should be respected. The person in dementia should also be fully encouraged to continue doing things that they are still capable of doing by themselves.

The person can live a meaningful life

For a person with dementia to live a meaningful life, it is crucial that his personal preferences in activities are integrated to his care plan. This includes alcoholic drinks, where the person likes to go, his favorite TV or radio station channel and other areas that make day-to-day life bearable.

Choosing a nursing home Lowestoff is an involving process that should be undertaken with the utmost care and consideration. It is equally important to visit the facility with the person with dementia at least once to gauge his reaction and how well he can integrate to the home’s daily routine and care plan.

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