Electrolyzed Water- The Miracle Liquid

Posted by SEO Team on August 24th, 2016

Summary: This article explains about electrolyzed water and how it is slowly becoming extremely popular. Know its uses as well!

  • It eliminates athlete’s foot

  • It is an effective window cleaner

  • It is a kitchen degreaser

And, by the way, you can also drink it!

Surprised what is it? It has been approved by the U.S. regulators and is effectively replacing toxic chemicals. You can easily use it at office or home. This is actually a mixture of tap water and table salt whose ions have been scrambled using an electric current. Health experts have named it as electrolyzed water. It is always widely known as the miracle liquid!

According to scientists it actually possesses great power even for killing anthrax spores without causes any harm to the people or the environment. It has actually been used for decades as a sanitizer in Japan and Russia and it is slowly but steadily getting accepted in the United States as well. In Michigan, the housekeeping staff effectively use stray bottles filled with electrolyzed water for cleaning sinks and toilets. In New York, jailers mop the floor using this water for keeping away potentially harmful cleaners out of the reach of the inmates.

Electrolyzed water is effectively in cutting down employee injuries due to chemicals. It can significantly reduce waste and shipping costs and the staff members can easily prepare it on site. Furthermore, it is extremely cost effective. The fact is that it is simple chemistry. For centuries, scientists have played with electrolysis, the usage of an electric current for bringing about a chemical reaction. This is how large scale production of chlorine and metal electroplating, used for sanitizing and bleaching.

The fact is that zapping of salt water with low voltage electricity ensures the creation of couple of powerful, but non-toxic chemical free disinfection. Sodium ions gets converted into sodium hydroxide, which is an alkaline liquid for cleaning and degreasing like detergent, but without the scrubbing bubbles. It has actually proven to be 10 times more effective for killing bacteria as compared to bleach. The best part- it is extremely safe.

Uses of Electrolyzed Water

  • Reduced deterioration and rot of foods

  • Seed sterilization

  • Acid soil improvements

  • Great washing capabilities

  • Preventive and therapeutic effects on different ailments

  • Acid soil improvements

  • Effective deodorization

  • Anti bacterial agent

  • Increased preservation of cut flowers

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