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Posted by Tom Eric on August 24th, 2016

Currently and over the next decade, there is billions of dollars’ worth of major industrial projects under execution across the globe. Accompanied by these industrial projects, there are factors that could potentially harm the environment and wildlife ecosystems. Thus, environmental monitoring is required to ensure that the industrial projects being implemented abide by policies and practices to decrease their impact on the environment. But, as that matter, industries also have to maintain their internal environment conditions under which they can manufacture quality products. There are several factors that go into maintaining the favorable environment and this include pressure, temperature, humidity, air flow, and so forth.

Environmental monitoring describes the processes and activities that usually take place to characterize and monitor the quality of the environment. It is a critical process utilized to determine the cleanliness of controlled environments, within data centers, server rooms, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Environmental monitoring system serves as a vital pro-active tool for Quality Assurance purposes in the manufacture and control of sterile and non-sterile products and support areas.

If you had ever been to a laboratory or a server room, you must have been aware that a minor change in temperature or air flow or humidity may ruin the whole range of products. Therefore nowadays, more and more companies are relying on the services of a web based environmental monitoring system. Once installed the system continues to excel in its ease of use and ability to provide alerts, trend information, statistical data, and reports. Most industrial monitoring systems are designed, installed, commissioned, and verified along with the general plant and manufacturing equipment for a facility. Major changes are undertaken infrequently, especially if the manufacturing equipment is specialized in nature, or had to undergo extensive validation and verification before use.

The completely web based system makes it possible to access applications from any corner of the world and can handle thousands of monitoring points and hundreds of users. If the system finds any change in the environment whose values are not fed into the database or are different from what fed then it simply sends alerts via email, text message, pager, and a voice telephone. Also, if the manufacturing facility has multiple locations or onsite labs that need monitoring the environment system can easily expand to cover their monitoring needs. The low-cost sensors included in the system will be accurate and reliable so that you can concentrate on more important tasks instead of keeping a tab on the environmental conditions of your workplace.

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