how to find the right necklace for the right neckline that you're wearing

Posted by richitalee on August 24th, 2016

The idea of matching the Necklaces for women and the neckline is that the necklace and the neckline aren't ever going to compete, and by compete, I mean like matchup at the same area. So you wouldn't want your charm on your necklace or the base of your necklace hitting right where your neckline is. The two get lost up in one another and you lose the effect of both.


If you're a little heavier or your fat folds or anything, you don't want your necklace to get caught in them, to be competing with them to exaggerate the roundness of them. So, if you have cleavage, choose a little bit higher necklace regardless of your neckline so you're not getting it down there in the cleavage. If you have rolls on your neck, make sure it’s not getting caught up in those; it just betrays the look a little bit.


If you have larger shoulders, just a big frame-- not just fat-- but just a big frame, you're going to want to choose larger pieces of Necklaces for women. A larger woman will need a larger necklace, while smaller women needs smaller necklace.


So for things like a strapless or a tank top, something where you have a lot of neckline exposed, you can choose a little big bigger, louder necklace and you want it close up on your neck. They ride up high, right around the collar bone. They don't meet the neckline and they leave that exposed chest right there.

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