How shall you find out if you are suffering from Abusive relationship?

Posted by richitalee on August 24th, 2016

There are many things to get considered in a relationship. Are you in a relationship? Are you afraid of your relationship? Then you should get some knowledge first if you are actually in an abusive relationship or not. May be you are tired of your relationship and that’s why you are feeling that you are in an abusive relationship. It doesn’t true every time that you are in an abusive relationship. May be your partner loves you a lot and you are unable to understand your partner that time.

So let me help you find out if you are actually in an abusive relationship or you are just afraid of it. Sometime many people acquaint us about our relationship but that’s not true, no other person can actually help us understand our relationship. It might happen that someone else is jealous of your couple and that’s why he/she wants to get you apart of each other. So it’s critical time to think about it and reconsider if you actually suffering from any sort of abuse or you are forced to think so.

You can have an idea about it by noticing these things in your partner. These are signs of an abusive relationship so that you can have an idea about your partner.

  1. Does your partner try to handle your everything?

  2. Doesn’t your partner allow you for a privacy?

  3. Are you afraid of you partner?

  4. Do you suspect that your partner is in relationship with someone else?

  5. Does your partner always look for your money in each meeting?

  6. Does your partner threaten you by any means?

If you are suffering from anything like this, then surely you are facing an abusive relationship. So you can now take decision if you need to live with your partner or not? For more information visit here:

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