Domestic Abuse: A root cause to Discourage Women Empowerment

Posted by richitalee on August 24th, 2016

Abuse of any form physical, psychological, social and emotional or any kind of abuse is root cause to discourage women empowerment.

domestic abuse is also known as spousal abuse, as it’s between two persons with intimate relationship.

If a marriage becomes an abusive one, then there comes domestic violence, in most of cases women are facing this violence.

There may be many reasons but in major countries this abuse is due to male dominancy in the regions. Males have dominated over women since long and there have been no discrimination of regions, color or religion.

Before Islam came there were no rights of women in the Arab countries, girls were buried because they were female.

In European countries man has ruled since long, there has been male dominancy in these regions as well. Those females were appreciated who give birth to male babies and those were found guilty who give birth to females. It’s just industrial revolution who changes peoples’ mind and gave value to females as well, otherwise they were being ruled and abused each and every day. They were supposed to be born useless but giving birth to children and taking care of them.

In Pakistan as well, there is male dominancy and it’s far too much in India. Where still there is a large difference between casts. This discrimination has been a cause for women abuse.

Looking at all the above scenario one can clearly notice that it’s women abuse which is, in fact, discouraging women empowerment.

If one supposed to empower women, then there shall be a great need to perish this discrimination of being male or female.

It’s not only female but also males are facing this discrimination and domestic abuse but in most of the cases it’s women who are suffering from domestic abuse. If you have your story, then please do share with us on our blog. For more information visit here:

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