Could Debt Consolidation Loans Really Be An Answer To A Debt Free Society?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

In today?s age of rising costs, default rates and delinquencies, debts have risen to an all time high. In such a scenario borrowers with existing liabilities can turn to a debt consolidation loan for support. Not only does a debt consolidation loan provide a lower interest rate, it also helps to consolidate debts under one umbrella.

The rising debt scenario

On an average the interest rates of most loans have shot up drastically in the last couple of years. The booming influence of the sub-prime market coupled with the fact that borrowers are being approved without adequate screening, have led to an ever-increasing rise in borrowers ? but who cannot pay up! Unable to pay up and trapped in liabilities, it?s a sorry situation for both the lender and the borrower. In such a scenario, it?s only natural that people who have large debts will want to turn to a solution that can offer them with reduced interest rates and an opportunity to consolidate these debts.

The answer in the form of debt consolidation loans

A debt consolidation loan has been formulated with one single objective in mind ? to consolidate existing debts of customers, so they can lead a happier life. With more than 20 bills to be paid every month, almost every debt-ridden person yearns for a simpler solution ? where he doesn?t have to keep track of 20 different payments! The answer then lies in a debt consolidation loan.

Why is a debt consolidation loan so good for debt?

Imagine a loan that offered you a lower interest rate, placed all your existing debts under their care and also provided you with extra cash? That?s the debt consolidation loan for you! It provides you with attractive interest rates that are significantly lower than existing rates, helps you place all your credit card, loan debts and medical bill expenses under the cover of this single debt consolidation loan. This can not only help you get more organized ? because now you just have to pay one single bill ? but you also get the entire loan amount in a lump sum. This way the debt consolidation loan also provides you with some extra cash in hand. You can use the loan amount to pay towards all your liabilities and expenses.

Miscellaneous expenses

You might need to paint your existing home, or do up your kitchen in a more modern manner. You may even want to purchase some new upholstery for your living room! The debt consolidation loan can provide you with much-needed extra cash to take care of all these miscellaneous expenses. This is something you could never have imagined earlier ? when you had all those liabilities and expenses to take care of! But the debt consolidation loan makes all this possible.

Despite all the criticism and negative opinion surrounding the debt consolidation loan this is one ticket to managing debts successfully. It almost seems too good to be true especially since it offers the twin advantage of debt management as well as savings!

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