Loyalty Programs Procurement Intelligence : Identification Of Initial List Of Suppliers, Finalizing Suppliers

Posted by rahul nikade on March 5th, 2024

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy designed to encourage customers to continue patronizing a business or brand by offering them rewards or incentives for their repeat business. The goal is to build customer loyalty and retain existing customers while also attracting new ones.

Loyalty Program Sourcing Intelligence Highlights

  • Loyalty program operators have established prolonged associations with their service providers, including technology providers and software developers. As a result, such partnerships have enabled loyalty program operators to yield some bargaining power in their transactions
  • Establishing a loyalty program requires significant investment in technology, data analytics, and marketing. Existing companies with well-established programs have a competitive advantage. However, new entrants with innovative approaches could still pose a threat
  • The category is fragmented as numerous small- and large-scale participants strive to distinguish their services. They achieve this through engagements in partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions with technology companies or various brands
  • Staff salaries, IT costs, staff training and management, and marketing costsare some of the costs incurred in providing services.Other costs usually include rent, utilities, and office supplies cost

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Add-on Services

Should Cost Analysis

Component wise cost break down for better negotiation for the client, highlights the key cost drivers in the market with future price fluctuation for different materials (e.g.: steel, aluminum, etc.) used in the production process

Rate Benchmarking

Offering cost transparency for different products / services procured by the client. A typical report involves 2-3 case scenarios helping clients to select the best suited engagement with the supplier

Salary Benchmarking

Determining and forecasting salaries for specific skill set labor to make decision on outsourcing vs in-house.

Supplier Newsletter

A typical newsletter study by capturing latest information for specific suppliers related to: M&As, technological innovations, expansion, litigations, bankruptcy etc.

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