Construction site security in London within the law of the land

Posted by siabenet on August 25th, 2016

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about construction site security in London because without proper security, a site owner would be inviting all sorts of trouble. Now, construction site security is not as simple as one may think. One cannot have an electrically charged fence around their property and forget about it. If someone trespasses into the property and gets electrocuted, it is the site owner who then needs to pay for any physical damage done to the trespasser. Hence, the way construction site security should be done has to be thought through properly. There are construction site security services in London that can help in this regard.

There are many elements related to construction site security in London. For instance, every item on the property needs to be tagged. The tagging can be done by attaching the name of the company or its logo to every item stored in the site. This includes any raw material, any vehicle or any other item like office furniture and so on. When someone hires one of the top construction site security services in London, they can help with the tagging of all the items in the property.

When someone trespasses into a construction site, the site owner needs to ensure that they are not bodily harmed. So, if there is an electrical fence around the property, warning signals need to be placed in such a manner that they are visible to anyone who has plans of trespassing. If there are any hazardous materials or chemicals in the site, the warning signals need to be placed against these materials as well. These are all as per the Occupiers Liability Act of 1984 where any site owner is responsible for the safety of trespassers. This rule may seem nonsensical but if this is the law of the land, one has to abide by it. All this should clearly tell you that construction site security in London is not as easy as someone may think.

Now what can the top construction site security services in London ensure in terms of site security? They can do a lot of things but first and foremost they will do an audit of the property and identify everything that needs to be tagged. They will also audit the security measures that need to be put in place so that the trespassers are not able to cause damage through theft or arson or something similar. After all the audit is done, the construction site security service will then go ahead and put into action all the audit points that were identified. This is how construction site security in London needs to be done and this is why it is again important to reiterate that an expert is required here.

One cannot take construction site security in London lightly because there could be many repercussions if things are not done properly. The top construction site security services in London ensure that the site owner is indemnified and the trespassers are suitably punished.

For those looking for construction site security in London, it is important that they don’t do it themselves. One of the top construction site security services in London should be hired so that the site security is done keeping the law of the land in mind.

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