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Engage construction site security guards to finish the project within budget

Posted by BrianMiller on August 25th, 2016

Timeliness of project delivery is quite important for any construction company. Most of the projects will have penalty clauses by which the company is liable to compensate the customers in case of a delay in delivery of project. This results into poor customer experience and moreover it affects the bottom line of business. Considering today’s competitive business environment, any company cannot afford to lose customers nor the profitability for company’s growth. Also, poor customer experience leads to less or no referrals by these customers and bad reputation of the company. Any damage to the construction site by trespassers, thieves or any act of vandalism can suspend the project work for a long duration and can cause considerable delay in the delivery of the project. This is where construction site security companies can be of great help. They deploy properly trained construction site security guards for the protection of the site.

Construction projects usually take months and in cases of bigger projects it may take even few years to complete. During the execution of the project, lots of equipments are required to carry out construction works. These equipments are either hired or purchased by the company. These are quite expensive and indispensable and availability of these equipments is critical for the project. Also, the high cost makes these equipments highly vulnerable and preferred target for the thieves. Construction site security companies ensure that all the access points to the sites are gated and properly locked in order to prevent the site from the unauthorized access. Reliable well-trained construction site security guards are given the responsibility to keep a watch on the equipments and valuables when the site is unoccupied.   

Most of the construction site security companies use technology and gadgets that make the overall system more effective and flawless. The usage of CCTV cameras at different important locations makes it easier to keep control from single point. Also through Public Address (PA) system, construction site security guards can seek help from the people in the neighbourhood or from the local authorities in case of an emergency.

Leading construction site security companies offer customized solutions to their clients. Since each site is unique and will have different set of priorities to address, they first visit the site to see its size, location, number of equipments or valuables kept in the site etc. before designing the solution. They also provide dedicated supervisory team for your site who would be under total control of operation management team.

It is quite obvious that any construction company would prefer to engage only trusted and reliable partners for their sites. To give you that assurance, construction site security companies provide construction site security guards who are CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) license holders. This certifies that the guards have obtained necessary training to perform their job to meet even the most critical and stringent requirement. The security officers also have the knowledge of first aid and health- and safety-related issues. It is an extremely important point considering the hazardous nature of any construction site.

Construction site security guards are trained to offer any kind of assistance related to safety in case it arises. Construction site security agencies have years of experience in providing such solutions.

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