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Posted by Lemons Alicia on August 25th, 2016

Innovative professional system for high-definition video broadcasts all without distance limitations audio even from a continent to another in real time -

Device audio video light is composed of inductive mini earpiece with sound amplified + mini spy camera IP WiFi button.

Product of high technology for the high quality of real-time transmission of video or images not to be confused with the archaic and useless systems of very poor image and video quality and video transmission jerky as micro cameras UMTS or GSM ones that do not give the results expected species in video micro scriptures shooting.

the major innovations of the new system are:

1) - audio video quality IP digital transmission in high-definition.

2) The entire device is light as a small lightweight package of cigarettes, including the autonomous power supply system.

3) the 'autonomous power supply is obtained with new mini stacks able to support also works for over 4 hours (on request we can increase the autonomy of current according to the user's needs).

4) and the micro-camera light and both the micro transmitting station are collected and camouflaged wearable items such as buttons, ties, suits, and .. ON REQUEST WE ALSO TAKE OTHER OBJECTS AS CASES, Purses, BAGS WOMAN and ..

5) in addition to video transmission in real time the covert listening device system is equipped with micro audio video recorder with storage directly to micro SD up to 32 GB, while also allowing the remote audio video outlet.

6) The video images can be viewed even remotely and in real time to any distance from one continent to 'other through the contribution of: PC, Laptops Tablet ...

(For more information see the module in the bottom of the page or call for video evidence remotely).

Such apparatus suitably camouflaged audio video transmission, it is designed for highly professional security services, video surveillance at a distance in real time, driving video services at a distance in time, checking people in real time, the intelligence services, goods inspection work in short use it is diverse in professional sectors, and both private.

Micro spy camera hidden as already mentioned is in high definition video is equipped with anti-glare filters as the light emitted by the monitor also computer or PC, high quality even in low-light conditions suitable also allows you to zoom away.

The warning system as well as allowing video transmission remote image perfectly, also allows for dialogue (two-way audio) in a hidden manner, to receive audio directly dall'apposito inductive micro earpiece retractable ear instead remember that the whole is not wires.
The system comprises:

1) Inductive natural skin color headset microphone

2) invisible induction system

3) the subject of camouflage as a button, tie: The voice bug system is entirely camouflaged within the various objects like button, jacket tie etc ... the high-definition video micro camera allows to receive remote reading even the minimum size characters 6 , 3, 9, to see from computer PC monitor, in precarious or low-light conditions, moving from documents such as questionnaires etc.

4) video broadcasts are digital crypto system this means that no one will be able to intercept transmissions also issued you will have a stable signal without any interference

5) the audio is amplified two-way

The kit comes complete with all the cost is € 1,500 + VAT EXCEPTIONAL DISCOUNT ONLY € 1500 + VAT

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