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Nigeria being a country is far from the negative illustrations, and before looking over this, you should believe that also. Although, I cannot deny that to a extent, Nigeria is truly not amongst the safest places to live. In reality, why would I leave my home and transfer West if it were thus safe, beautiful and generally optimistic? The truth is, just like another country (but mostly developing countries), individuals are tired of their corrupt leaders and possess decided to take the matters of survival within their very hands. People have opted out of ethical societal norms of dwelling, and begun to do anything and everything to survive, crime included... file corruption error, disregard of human rights, youngster labour, and so much a lot more. So, I cannot sit here and deny the fact Nigeria is indeed a land that breeds a bunch of crimes, and inhumane activities. But it is home; home for me personally; home for so many other folks that are born into in which system of survival; home for some people that have no other option but to call home a broken lifestyle; home for some people that have no choice but to make it through.

latest Nigeria sports news has experienced a colourful, interesting and intriguing history. Traditionally, Nigeria news was transmitted with a number of local instruments: drums, sticks, gongs, fireplace, and voice etc.

The local people have to locate a way to transmit news associated with joy, death and war to their community without the advantages of cell phones, radios, tv and all most advanced technology.

This is where the tale gets interesting.

The people devised methods to communicate long distance with the actual 'famous talking drums'. It's fascinating to view masters of this act; deliver and receive messages merely through beating a drum. To the actual unwary onlooker, the drummers tend to be causing a cacophony of seems, but to the trained ears from the drummers; a lively, heated argument or conversation similar to cell phone chat of today is being conducted.

In jest, drummers have been recognized to question the beauty and womanliness from the other community and strength associated with its male folk. The drum was a fundamental element of the communal life. The drum marked calendar of festivals from the communities. It recorded deaths, births.

These days, Nigeria News is transmitted mainly with the radio, newspaper and electronic edition. First, Nigeria news was transmitted with the newspapers, state owned radio as well as later government owned TV channels. During these periods, the federal government had monopoly of dissemination associated with information to Nigerians. In period, private owned newspapers, radio and tv stations came aboard to challenge the government possessed corporations.

Some of the r / c:

Radio Nigeria (government owned)



Guardian Newspaper

The Sun Paper

ThisDay Newspaper

The Nation

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