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Posted by goldsafe21 on August 26th, 2016

To address the PvP discussion I'm gonna start with the graph they showed with all the classes weaknesses and advantages.

The whole chart it's self gives the classes a rock paper scissors effect and it's NOT healthy for a game that's open world PvP. You can run into any class on the Badlands, it makes the players harder to show their individual skill since you're already at a heavy disadvantage. Assassins can already kill priest/wizards, why make it easier for them to kill priest and wizards? I'll be listing what's wrong with the graph below:

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Priest/Wizard: They're gonna suffer even more since they already get 1 shot by assassins, even if you get all heroic seal stones in their gear.

Berserker: My only problem with them is the fighting assassins, for them to have a damage increase over assassins isn't balanced, they already have high base damage on their skills.

Assassins: This graph will hurt assassins a lot against berserkers and guardians. Guardians are typically gonna build a lot of CON which screws assassins over since they build for mainly physical attack and crit damage. CON counters that all and the graph will make it even harder for assassins to do well against the guardian match up. Since assassins are gonna be mainly damage instead of defensive stats, they take a hard hit from this.

Guardians: They already don't do well against priest and wizards, the graph is making it harder for guardians in the match up as well.

This shouldn't be implemented in the game over all, this graph widens the distance on stronger classes vs weaker classes which makes things worse than anything. The only class that should really get some buff is priest. They should only get a buff to their Survivability, I'm not talking about a massive buff either but just enough to where they DONT die in 1 second once a melee gets in range. Another idea, that should be implemented in a PvP buff that reduces everyone's base damage but keeps the damage scaling the same on everyone. This will make it fair so the damage dealers in the game STILL do damage while everyone will benefit from surviving more. One more thing, there should be more information on classes skills and their scaling so people know how strong these skills are themselves instead of the developers/Game Masters only knowing 100% about the skills because the descriptions aren't accurate for some skills.

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