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Posted by kamal on August 26th, 2016

Alain Silberstein had one overriding aim in his vision of creating a ‘Performance Art’ edition of LM1: to welcome the “eternal time” of the universe into the movement, where it would be transformed into time on a more human scale. To realise this, he envisaged concave subdials to catch “eternal time”, rather than the convex subdials of the original LM1. He also envisaged replacing the original dual arches of LM1’s balance bridge with a single, transparent bridge, allowing full visual access to the time indications and dial-side escapement. The colours and shapes of the concave hands highlight Silberstein’s meticulously practical approach to artistic design. When reading the time, the hour is generally the first bit of information required. So the hour hands are a brighter colour (red) on a larger surface area (triangle) than the thinner blue minute hands. The three primary colours found on the subdials – red and blue hands, yellow index markers – are echoed in the three shapes – blue cone, red cube, and yellow sphere – of the three-dimensional power reserve indicator.

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