What is the scope after completing Electrical and Computer Engineering?

Posted by sophiafranklin on August 29th, 2016

Electrical Engineering is a 4-year course that aims at making the students specialised in designing, manufacturing, application, operation and installation of the electrical products. In our daily life, almost everything that we come across or use involves electrical component. Right from the computer that we use for working or the television that we love to watch after a tiring day at work and last but not the least, the mobile phone, which keeps us connected with our loved ones 24*7. All that we just mentioned above is entirely dependent on the electrical engineering skills that programme them. Sometimes, electrical engineering is combined with other engineering disciplines for creating wonders. For example: When mechanical Engineering and biomedical engineering gets combined with electrical engineering wonders like designing an artificial limb for a person who lost his leg in an accident happen!

There are a lot of research areas available in Electrical Engineering such as systems control, photonics, electronics, power systems and electrical devices. The four-year curriculum of Electrical Engineering at Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology aims at teaching the students skills that can help them in developing solutions for the expanding electrical industry. This quality of education that the College imparts is the main reason behind the reputation that it holds as one of the top B Tech Colleges in Jaipur.

Computer Engineering is a profession that has developed in the last few years, has originated from – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Where Computer Science deals with merely the programming of the system, Computer Engineering deals with the hardware and software of the computer systems. The role of the Computer Engineers is focused on-

  • For an automated production line in the industry, they design the control systems. 
  • For digital telephone switching systems, they create software.
  • Supervision and planning of LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Create systems for specific clients.

What is the scope for Electrical and Computer Engineers?

There is a huge demand for qualified people in both the professions. Every year students from the Best engineering colleges in rajasthan  get placed in reputed IT companies which clearly reflect how much the quality of engineering education is rising in the state. Electrical Engineers mainly work in the communication sector whereas Computer Engineers venture into software engineering and hardware engineering industries. One can also work as a consultant after completing the above two disciplines of Engineering. The point to lay focus on is – there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you if you are pursuing Electrical or Computer Engineering! 

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